Because of my crazy working hours, it’s so hard to find the time to actually go out shopping when the shops are open. I finish work at either 4:30, 6:30, 8:30 or Midnight so it’s hard to fit going browsing in shops during my free time when I’d rather catch up on sleep or hang out with family! That’s when Online Shopping is totally handy!

I can spend hours searching online for work clothing, the only problem is, it’s so hard to search for womens clothing online because the way it looks online is rarely how it looks when you actually get it! I’ve found that a few times ordering online from ASOS. things looks amazing online & when I get them, they look terrible on! Saying that, the trousers & little cardigans from them are amazing!

While I was googling (yes I do that A LOT!), I saw an article in the Telegraph about the rise of Online Shopping & the amount of money & how approx 17% of all purchases are Online based which isn’t as much as I would have thought due to the easiness of it but makes you think how far things have come since it really hit the web in 1995 with Amazon.

Anyhoo, back to my Online Shopping adventures…. I’m picky, very picky. I also shop like a guy. If I actually do go into a shop, I’m not one of these girls that would spend hours looking at things. I’d rather be in & out a shop in under 15 minutes. I cannot stand crowds & queues in shops. The whole entire experience would end up with me becoming really grumpy & you really don’t want that! You really really don’t!

Do you prefer Online Shopping over Real Shopping? If so, what are your favourite sites? I need to add to my collection 😛


  1. I prefer Online Shopping for some items but most times I like the physical aspect bcos I would be looking for something new and weird and that’s what you find when you just sit and browse a bit 😛

    But having said that hehe I am still more like a guy when I shop too.. I enter a store and take a quick glimpse which takes about 5 minutes and if nothing grabs me then I’m out LOL! 😛

  2. ananyah Reply

    @Jacqui: yeh i think for gadgets etc online shopping is great but shopping for clothes is kinda hard online!

  3. It is the same here as well.
    I cannot stand crowd.. especially if my aim is SHOPPING.
    and I don’t spend a lot of time searching in shops. I get headache. That’s why, I don’t buy when there’s sale in Dubai.

    I LOVE online shopping for disney jewellery, t-shirts, anime figures, BOOKS, and DVDs. I cannot buy a dress or jeans online though… I don’t trust the sizes and all.

    last time, I got hello kitty pink head lolita necklace even though I am not a big fan of hello kitty! XHO4/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1305824479&sr=8-16

    anything that is rare never fails to grab my attention..

    The best online shops that I trust:

    I love amazon the most

  4. there is also one thing that I forgot to mention

    the feeling of receiving the things we buy online is ticklinggggggg… It is like receiving gifts :p
    I love it when I reach home & find a box of amazon on my bed

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