A few weeks ago, I was sent a necklace by Azuni London to review. When I first heard of the upcoming review, I went to their website to have a little look at the styles of jewellery they have as I’m pretty much picky when it comes to what I accessorise with.

I fell in love with A LOT of their stuff, in particular the Love Wording necklace & the necklace I would eventually be sent which was the Love Scroll in Sterling Silver priced at £89.50.

When I received the necklace, it was inside a cute little shiny blue pouch & wrapped up. I was very careful taking it out & I was paranoid I would snap it or something (I’m clumsy A LOT). I loved the detailing on the pendant, the word LOVE etched on a scroll in Sterling Silver along with the little heart dangling off it. The workmanship is amazing & you can tell by just looking at it that it is a quality piece of jewellery.

I did have a few issues with the necklace though, not with the main pendant in itself but the chain. For me, the chain is too delicate, my paranoia of it snapping is still there plus I’m not the greatest fan of short necklaces, I feel like they are strangling me. I would have loved the necklace even more if the chain was much longer & the pendant dropped just above my chest. That would have made it perfect. But that’s just me!

My mom & sister in law on the other hand couldn’t fault it. I even talked my mom into modelling the necklace for me so I could get a close up shot. It’s handy having her around for reviews LOL

NOTE: Azuni will give a 20% discount to anyone buying anything off their website for the entire month of May. If you quote “ANANYAH” when you call or email them. Grab your favourite items when you still can 😀

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  1. ^_^
    Dear Ananyah,
    It looks amazing.
    I checked all the collection, and LOVED the gold more

    it seems it is of a very good quality.

    I, too, love longer chains.
    BUT, I think this would be nice on the skin.

    MabrOOk ^_^

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