Feet. I hate them. I mean, REALLY! I think it is because when I was a teenager, I had a lot of issues with my big toe on my right foot. 2 operations, injections & lifetime scars later, I hate my toes.

I always have issues with my feet, I guess most girls do! We aren’t really the type to wear comfy shoes unless stuck at home & end up stuffing our feet into tight cute shoes without a care in the world. That is, until your feet start burning, you end up with blisters & you feel like you’re walking on a bed of nails. As nasty as it sounds, that’s me pretty much every day!

When the chance came up to try Pampered Toes, I jumped at it because frankly, at this rate, I was all out of ideas on how to help soothe my little toes after the walk to & from my bus stop & then walking in the city to my office.

When the Pampered Toes arrived, I was a little confused as to how they’d actually work or benefit me. I guess I’m a little skeptic when it comes to new products I’ve never tried before which aim to make you feel a difference automatically.

So how do Pampered Toes work? The secret is the cool flexible gel, which gently relaxes your toes while you unwind. Pampered Toes realigns your toes and leaves your feet looking and feeling great. Try them while resting on the sofa after a long day, or while soaking in the bath.

So, after walking around the city for ages, my feet were killing me, the balls of my feet were seriously burning & my little pinky toes were red raw from rubbing against my shoes. I decided it was about time I tried Pampered Toes so slid my toes in them, which was pretty difficult at first trying to prize apart my toes enough to fit LOL. At first it felt very uncomfortable but after a few minutes, the cooling gel started to work & my toes along with the balls of my feet started feeling good. If I’m honest, it felt extremely weird having my toes apart that much & I still didn’t actually know if it was going to make a difference. 10 minutes later, I took them off & my toes went back to their normal alignment feeling AMAZING *wiggles toes*. I was actually surprised that they worked so well in so little time. Even though they were stretched out for 10 minutes & felt a rather strange, the end result & feeling was great. I’ve started to use them a few times a week whenever my feet have been over abused 😀

The ultimate test? Walking from the sofa in the living room to the kitchen to grab a drink with them on my toes! After a few weeks of trying them out, I think I’ve mastered the penguin walk LOL

Pampered Toes cost £9.99 from JML & come in either Blue or Pink.

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