April 2011


Kate Middleton became the wife of Prince William & is now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge a short while ago.

She looked flawless as she entered Westminster Abbey alongside her father & sister Pippa who was a bridesmaid in her wedding dress designed by Sarah Burton, creative director at the fashion house Alexander McQueen complete with the Queen’s Cartier Tiara. The dress looks very Grace Kelly-esq & I for one think she looks flawless!

After they exchanged vows, they moved over to chairs while the choir sang & readings were done. The couple look so happy to finally be married…

& now the countdown is on for little Prince or Princess… congrats <3

My friend @JJ_Campbell & his cousin Fraser recently entered a competition run by Innocent Drinks (Smoothies FTW!) to make an ad featuring their Super Smoothie. From all the hundreds of entries, they were chosen to be shortlisted in the final 5 by their judging panel. Now it’s up to us, the public to vote & decide on the winner.

The video they created is amazing if I do say so myself & a worthy winner!

This is where you guys come in… I would really really really like to make his dreams come true so if you guys could vote for him from now until May 16th (you can vote daily) and help make him into a super duper star!

To vote, please please please click this link HERE & then click VOTE NOW, then click on SUPERHERO SMOOTHIES & then press the LIKE button they have created. I will be forever grateful to you guys if you could vote 😀 You have to view the VOTE NOW page via your computer, not your mobile phones just to let you know.

Thank youuuuu <3

Tonight I went to a private advanced screening of Thor, the soon to be released superhero movie based on the comic book character of the same name published by Marvel Comics. The film stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Colm Feore, Ray Stevenson, Idris Elba, Kat Dennings, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins with Kenneth Branagh directing it.

The epic adventure “Thor” spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the mystical realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. As a result, Thor is banished to Earth, where he is forced to live among humans. When the most dangerous villain of his world sends its darkest forces to invade Earth, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero.

Thor is the latest installment from Marvel & I have loved every movie they have released to date. Thor did not disappoint me one bit. The visual & special effects were stunning throughout the movie, the realm of Asgard for one, looked amazing, however, one thing lacking was the more creative use of 3D technology that we have seen in movies such as Avatar. I found that 3D wasn’t used in places where it would have benefited more from. The way Asgard was designed, could have allowed for a greater use of the technology. Maybe that’s just me.

Throughout the movie, there is a great deal of humor especially from the interaction with Thor & Jane (& the budding romance of the characters). I wasn’t expecting it to be as funny as it was, but coming from Marvel, expect the unexpected. The sibling rivalry between Thor & Loki drove the movie, this is when we see the best action scenes between the characters played by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth & British actor Tom Hiddleston. The acting by Chris Hemsworth was superb, not to mention the fact his body was very very pumped up & hot to say to least *swoon!*. He is a long way away from his Home & Away Soap Opera past & is no doubt an actor to watch in the future. He is well on his way to full on Hollywood Stardom.

Already released in Australia on April 21, it is due to be released in the UK on April 27th & in the USA on May 6 & is approx 2 hours & 10 minutes long. It is a must see for comic book fans & those who just love a good action movie. I dragged along my mother who is not a fan of these types of movies, but she enjoyed it. That’s saying something…. oh wait.. she loved Iron Man too. Oh well, I guess she is just a closet comic book movie fan!

Note: Watch out for the subtle Avenger hints within the movie & Samuel L. Jackson is back, stay until the end credits. It doesn’t disappoint. Captain America is up next…..


Anyone who knows me, knows that one thing I love is… handbags. It’s my obsession. That along with Starbucks & Cupcakes. I have that many handbags that I actually forget I have some when I dig through my walk-in wardrobe! So when the chance came up to review Clippy London’s customized handbags, I didn’t even need to think twice!


The very first Clippy bag was made by me, Calypso Rose (called Clippy by my friends) on the kitchen table. This was because I wanted to display all my collection of Polaroid photographs in a bag. Lots and lots of people stopped me in the street and wanted to know where the bag had come from. I put 250 bags into production. I customised a large bag with a sign saying ‘stop me and buy one’ and I hired a stall on the Portobello Road, London. I sold all my bags in the first month – hurrah. Clippy (then known as Clippykit) was up and running.

Very lovely celebrities started to carry Clippy bags, including Helena Bonham Carter (and her mum), Jools and Jamie Oliver were spotted under a Dolly Brolly and Thandie Newton said she was making up a jumbo washbag with keepsakes for her small daughter. At 22 years I became the London Young Business Person of the Year (very exciting!) and since then the range has just kept growing with a few more awards along the way. I am very lucky to run the company with my fabulous mum Clare

The process is pretty simple & straightforward to create your own design, as you upload your photos either via facebook or uploading via your computer, you select where you would like them to be on the bag. Once you’ve filled one side, depending on the design, you can flip the bag and fill the other. Simple.

I then got the thinking about what bag to choose from their range & also what photographs to use. It took me a few hours of playing around on my Macbook to decide on a Jumbo Washbag for all my toiletries & use photos taken in Paris to style it.

48 hours later, I received my finished product in the post & it turned out amazing with the Black & White photos from Paris. The best part is, you can change it around, if I get bored with the Paris photos, I can swap them for something else, that’s the beauty of it <3 This is the end product *hearts* 😀

The Jumbo Washbag costs £22 from Clippy London & once designed, takes approx 48 hours for delivery.


For some reason Doggy Dog has a fascination with our house phone. Yes, it may be accidental but when sitting on the sofa, he always ends up pressing the button to make a call so we end up joking around that he’s trying to call his doggy lady friend LOL

Today? He’s sleeping with the phone under his paws haha <3

Feet. I hate them. I mean, REALLY! I think it is because when I was a teenager, I had a lot of issues with my big toe on my right foot. 2 operations, injections & lifetime scars later, I hate my toes.

I always have issues with my feet, I guess most girls do! We aren’t really the type to wear comfy shoes unless stuck at home & end up stuffing our feet into tight cute shoes without a care in the world. That is, until your feet start burning, you end up with blisters & you feel like you’re walking on a bed of nails. As nasty as it sounds, that’s me pretty much every day!

When the chance came up to try Pampered Toes, I jumped at it because frankly, at this rate, I was all out of ideas on how to help soothe my little toes after the walk to & from my bus stop & then walking in the city to my office.

When the Pampered Toes arrived, I was a little confused as to how they’d actually work or benefit me. I guess I’m a little skeptic when it comes to new products I’ve never tried before which aim to make you feel a difference automatically.

So how do Pampered Toes work? The secret is the cool flexible gel, which gently relaxes your toes while you unwind. Pampered Toes realigns your toes and leaves your feet looking and feeling great. Try them while resting on the sofa after a long day, or while soaking in the bath.

So, after walking around the city for ages, my feet were killing me, the balls of my feet were seriously burning & my little pinky toes were red raw from rubbing against my shoes. I decided it was about time I tried Pampered Toes so slid my toes in them, which was pretty difficult at first trying to prize apart my toes enough to fit LOL. At first it felt very uncomfortable but after a few minutes, the cooling gel started to work & my toes along with the balls of my feet started feeling good. If I’m honest, it felt extremely weird having my toes apart that much & I still didn’t actually know if it was going to make a difference. 10 minutes later, I took them off & my toes went back to their normal alignment feeling AMAZING *wiggles toes*. I was actually surprised that they worked so well in so little time. Even though they were stretched out for 10 minutes & felt a rather strange, the end result & feeling was great. I’ve started to use them a few times a week whenever my feet have been over abused 😀

The ultimate test? Walking from the sofa in the living room to the kitchen to grab a drink with them on my toes! After a few weeks of trying them out, I think I’ve mastered the penguin walk LOL

Pampered Toes cost £9.99 from JML & come in either Blue or Pink.

“Love & Stadiums” is a collaborative effort from the creative minds of Mateo and Grammy Award-winning producer Kerry “Krucial” Brothers. The mixtape is comprised of newly recorded original tracks along with unique interpretations of songs from today’s hottest artists including Nicki Minaj (Right Thru Me), Kanye West (Power, Runaway), Lil’ Wayne (Don’t Shoot Me Down) and Snow Patrol (Chasing Cars). “Love & Stadiums” also boasts collaborations with some industry favorites.

Multi-platinum producer Kerry “Krucial” Brothers signed Mateo to his Krucial Noise label following the singer’s departure from MySpace Records. “Love & Stadiums” marks the beginning of their incredible musical union as the two are currently crafting Mateo’s forthcoming debut album.

Mateo is an Ohio native and alum of the prestigious Morehouse College. The rising talent has already shared the stage with artists such as J. Holiday, Day26, Mario, and Erykah Badu. Kerry “Krucial” Brothers is an award winning producer and songwriter who has worked with some of R&B and Hip Hop’s elite including Alicia Keys, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, Rakim, Anthony Hamilton and more.

“Love & Stadiums” is available for free download on Mateo’s official site or by clicking HERE

My favourite song? DOUBT which you can listen to below…. love love love <3 [audio=,,null]


It’s been 4 weeks since I stopped biting my nails. I decided it was about time that I stopped this bad habit. I am now obsessed with putting nail hardener varnish on my nails to build up their strength. I’m kinda paranoid that they’ll break!

Oh well, they are starting to look pretty now 😀 Go me!

So, here it is… the last year of my 20’s. Freaked out a little? Yes. Freaked out not because I’m scared of ageing because frankly, I’m lucky in the fact that I don’t actually look like I’m now 29. I don’t look a day over 28 heh!

I’m freaked out because there are so many things I want to achieve before I’m 30. It’s funny when you’re young & you try to envision how you’ll be when you are in your late 20’s & how our imaginations run wild. My life right now is not how I planned it. I doubt anyone’s life is how they planned it.

But I’m happy. It look a while to realise that. But I am.

I have grown up so much within the past year & I can honestly say that it took until my 28th birthday to know exactly what I wanted to do in life career wise & hopefully continue to develop that.

Things I want to achieve this year?

1. Finally get my driving license. I’m 29 now. I need a frikin car!

2. Get a better paying job. I have expensive taste. My current job doesn’t pay enough to keep me in the manner I’m accustomed too!

3. Travel more & catch up with old friends. I need to make more of an effort!

4. Save money. I am really bad with money & blow my salary every month. I need to bulk up my piggy bank (will also help me achieve Number 3!)

5. Laugh, Smile & Be Happy

6. Microsoft Certify myself & continue being the wonderful girl geek that I am (had to add that boring bit in, sorry!)

Quite simple really! So, that is me. Being all wise on my 29th birthday, sitting on a train heading to Aberdeen for my birthday weekend. Spending time with good friends, laughing & enjoying life.

Bisoux <3