I was recently sent the Sigg Classic 1L Bottle by PureKit who are the UK’s leading online outdoor specialists to review. I drink A LOT of fluids at work; be it water, coffee, orange juice or diet pepsi and due to the strict rules we have, we have to have a bottle or flask with us so we do not spill anything on our desks (& blow up the place LOL). I spend a lot of money on bottled water & throughout the day, fill it up at the office where we have endless amounts of fresh filtered bottled water from tanks. So when the chance to review this item was proposed to me, I snapped it up, if to save my bank balance at least!

Produced using a single piece impact extruded aluminium with no seams makes Sigg water bottles one the most durable bottles on the market. Producing bottles since 1908, this Swiss made product is extremely lightweight, hygienically coated inside with a taste neutral and fruit acid resistant covering, this bottle is 100% recyclable.


    1. Made from one piece extruded aluminium construction
    2. Hygienically coated inside to help alleviate contamination of contents
    3. The internal coating is resistant to fruit acids and isotonic drinks to help prevent decaying
    4. An inside taste-neutral coating means that your drink tastes how it is supposed to
    5. Almost unbreakable

When I received it in the mail, I was first struck at how light it was for a 1L Bottle. The overall design is great, I love the coloring of the bottle & how simplistic the logo is. The product is there to serve a purpose & that it does. It is great popping into my handbag to carry with me without worrying about any leakages. It is also scratch proof so you do not need to worry about damaging it, it’s tough!. I have dropped it a few times & you can’t even tell! I’ve filled the bottle up with warm water as well & it *could* work well as a flask however, the website does state that it’s not good for the long term keep of the bottle, however, I did it just to see how well it coped with different temperatures.

One thing that myself (and a friend) disliked about the bottle is the fact that the cap of it is not attached to the bottle so could easily be lost when out & about running, cycling, camping etc which this bottle is designed for. If I was the designer, I would have allowed for a cap to be attached to the body somehow but in-keeping with the overall aesthetics.

Overall, I do really like the bottle & would recommend it to those who are looking for a durable lightweight bottle that will last for years! It sure beats having to re-fill an empty water bottle every time you need more fluids & safer for you! The particular water bottle I tested is available in four colours & is retailed at £15.49 from PureKit. They have various other sizes in the Sigg range, so check them out!

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