Last month I was contacted by Nick, the Brand Manager for leading men’s grooming retailer The Shaving Shack discussing their first ever-own brand of shaving cream, The Bluebeards Revenge™, which contains a miracle ingredient called ‘Decelerine’, helping to reduce hair growth every time it is used. When I first read the email I was like “huh? why are they sending me this?” However, the more I read, the more I understood & was intrigued:

Despite the marketing for the product being heavily aimed at men with heavy beard growths, we started noticing a quarter of customers buying were women. We presumed at first they were buying for their husbands, but the trend continued and is now accounting for half our sales. We have conducted some research into this, and discovered that women have seen their husbands use it, or seen the Decelerine coverage, and realised that if they use it themselves, they can reduce the hair on their bodies by 40% over 60 days too. So, effectively our ‘World’s Manliest Shaving Product’ has been hijacked by women to reduce the hair growth on their legs, underarms and bikini line, selling over 2000 units.

When I saw it advertised on the spa software at my hairdressers’ place, curiosity got the best of me & I bought a tub of The Bluebeards Revenge™ Luxury Shaving Cream (180ml) along with a shaving brush. Now, I normally wax because frankly, shaving takes way too much effort & I’m crap at it (which you shall see later!). But, hey, I’m up for trying anything.

For my review, I thought I’d channel my inner man, turned up Jessie J’s Do It Like A Dude up full blast & started singing “I can do it like a brother. Do it like a dude. Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you” while putting shaving cream on my face…..

What do you mean us girls don’t do that? hmmppph…. Okay it was only for the effect….. Back to reality….

When I opened the box, the girl in me loved the packaging. Opening the tub, I was met by an amazing smell I honestly never expected a shaving cream to smell so good (and not all manly which I was afraid of!). The cream itself has a shine to it & a soft, smooth texture.

I started by dipping the shaving brush in a sink of hot water then swirling it into the tub to get a good coverage. I then put some on my underarms & legs then started the hard task of trying not to cut myself. Sadly, I was left looking like I ran into a chainshaw.

I battled through my shitty shaving skills (practise makes perfect, I suppose!) and was left with silky smooth underarms & legs. The same kind of smoothness I got from waxing. What I liked about the shaving cream is that it wasn’t as messy as traditional shaving gel, you could lather up as much or as little cream on the areas you want to shave depending on preference & you were left with a nice smell on your body.

Now for the main part, it’s been a month since I started using it & I’ve since shaved twice, ditching waxing for this time period & I’m liking the results. I have noticed a difference in hair growth & that is only from using it twice. I’m noticing bigger results in my underarm than on my legs as normally my legs take longer for hair to start growing on them again, whereas my underarms start sprouting again after a few days.

The ultimate test would be whether I would use it again? Honestly? Yes. However, I need to work on my shaving skills, I don’t know how many more chunks of skin I can give away (not to mention the sight of blood!). I think for the immediate future, I will be ditching leg waxes & sticking to shaving with this product hoping that the results already seen will keeping going the way they are.

So, there it is, a review of an “ultimate male product” by a girl. Never thought you’d see the day, huh? I’m not alone in this either, but in my defense this product is not like a well reviewed trimmer, no women use trimmers, this is a weird product that is for both sexes, obviously.. I’ll just have to remember I can’t “do it like a dude” 😉

The Bluebeards Revenge™ is available to buy in the UK at The Shaving Shack, priced £14.99. A tub will last approximately 3-5 months & comes with a free shaving brush & free UK P&P.


  1. I always use a brand new Gillette Venus razor anytime I’m shaving anywhere than under my arms (it costs me a fortune to be honest) because I hate either cutting myself or ending up with a rash because I’ve had to go over the same area a few times because of a blunt razor.

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but I’ll check it out. It might save me a small fortune in razors in the long run!

  2. ananyah Reply

    @Jacqui: i’ll get him to test it too 😛

    @Melissa: yeah the thing about shaving that scares me the most is the rashes. you should try it out, i really like it!

    @Nono Fara: lol its okay 😀

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