So last night the Grammys were on, I honestly couldn’t be bothered staying up to watch them because frankly… all I’m interested in is who sings what & who performed the best. I woke up ultra early this morning as I still can’t sleep so great from coughing my guts up, so courtesy of Perez Hilton I watched all I wanted from the Grammys in under 30 mins. I’ve decided to post a collection of performances in the order of who I loved the most (along with a performance I hated the most at the end) enjoy ^_^

Bruno Mars, B.o.B & Janelle Monáe were unbelievably amazing. Flawless perfection! This was by far one of my favourite performances EVER <3

The Aretha Franklin Tribute by Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Florence, Yolanda Adams & Martina McBride was great. Christina & JHud sure have some lungs on them! Beautiful performance! I really hope Jennifer Hudson plays Aretha in the rumored movie of her life.

Oh na na….her name is Rihanna & she was joined on stage with Drake performing one of the hottest songs of the year. I love this song, she can do no wrong in my book. It makes you wanna dance & sing along!

Katy Perry was a surprising favourite choice for me, her first performance was beautiful, the highlight was seeing her wedding video to Russell Brand then she cut into Teenage Dreams afterwards. The cam shot of Nicole Kidman singing along was hilarious!

I need a doctor (yes literally if I keep coughing) by Eminem and Dr. Dre was great, I love Dr. Dre & can’t wait for his album. Eminem’s performance with Rihanna was really good as well, especially since she has a throat infection right now too!

Time for some guilty pleasure that I’ll probably be disowned for… but Justin Bieber is just that! He performed the Jaden Smith before Usher took to the stage. I have always been a fan of Justin Bieber ever since seeing him on YouTube before he was famous over 3 years ago. His performance of Common Denominator is a personal favourite. I shall now hide away after admitting that publicly!

Now for the weird….. Cee Lo Green, The Muppets & Gwyneth Paltrow. What on earth was Cee Lo wearing? The Muppets were an awesome addition, I just didn’t get why Gwyneth of ALL PEOPLE was there. She did rock it out though!

& now the plain psychotic… the ever so loopy Lady Gaga. No just NO! I’m sorry but I hated everything about this. The beat is a Madonna rip off, I have gone off Lady Gaga so much lately. Even though the song has a good message to it, she seems rather attention seeking & wants to shock people so much so they talk about her non stop. She would be so much better if she just cut out all the crap.


  1. Bieber is NOT a guilty pleasure… he’s just a pleasure. I adore the Biebz!! :love: Lady Gaga needs to get a clue – what the eff is wrong with her? Her voice is absolutely stunning but she’s absolutely bonkers!!

  2. ananyah Reply

    @Lizzie: hahaha yay we share a common love of the biebster! Gaga does have a good voice but she’d get nowhere without her being a nutjob.

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