Nothing beats chilling out at home in your PJ’s, watching TV catching up on all the blogs I follow & drinking freshly brewed coffee. The only problem is, I’ve been so caught up with work & having a nasty cold that I have 207 unread blog articles to read! It’s also been a while since I commented on other blogs, it’s a naughty naughty habit to get into, one I must work on! That and well blogging more here!

I’m now on vacation from my crazy crazy stressful job for 8 days so I can relax a little, catch up with friends, de-stress and just watch oodles & oodles of TV. I really need some downtime 🙁


  1. That’s great I hope you have an awesome time off I know you definitely deserve it!! Have fun babes and here is to catching up finally with each other!! Loves you :*

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