It’s my mom’s birthday today (she’s 57, but I didn’t tell you that… shhhh!) & I was trying to find somewhere new to take her for a while but ran out of ideas. I then turned to twitter & someone mentioned Michael Caines (I forgot who it was, sorry!). Anyway, I looked on his website & fell in love with what I was reading. I then knew that was the place I was going to take her, partially because I love good food & wanted to try it myself. I originally wanted to go for dinner but they were fully booked so decided on lunch at 1:30pm having a 4 course Amazing Graze Lunch which was a bargain at £14.95 (Coffee & Petit Fours were £3.75 on top).

On his website, it states:

Since opening in 2006, Michael Caines at ABode Glasgow has consistently won some of Glasgow and Scotland’s top restaurant and hospitality awards. Michael’s belief that the finest cuisine comes from making use of local, regional and seasonal ingredients and produce has been interpreted masterfully by Executive Chef Craig Dunn. The Michael Caines Restaurant consistently serves imaginative and creative cuisine in an ambience that is not overly formal.

So, we went. We arrived around 1:20pm & were seated straight away. First impressions were great, drinks were ordered, bread delivered & then the hard task of deciding what to have off the menu! I’m not the biggest fish or cheese fan so I decided that I’m just going to give things a shot and that I did (mom too!).

The first thing I tried was Courgette and goats cheese tart, onion and cardamom purée with a light pea sauce. It was AMAZING! Seriously AMAZING. After I finished it, I really wanted to have another. It was by far, the best thing I had on the menu. I could happily eat a bigger version of the tart, that’s coming from someone who dislikes goats cheese!

I then decided to have Risotto of confit duck leg, fennel, spring onions, dill & five spice jus. The first few bites were really nice until something hit my taste buds, I’m still not sure what it was but it put my off the rest of the dish. I’m not sure if it was the fennel, but it tasted like liquorice which I hate. I took a few more bites until I couldn’t take anymore. A shame really as it was one I was looking forward to.

Next up was Fillet of pollock, fricassee of clams, white beans, tomatoes, red peppers and capers. This was interesting. I saw the fish & all I could say to myself was “please be cooked, please be cooked!”. I was a little hesitant at first as I stated before, I’m not a huge fan of fish. It was surprisingly good. The fish was very light, cooked perfectly & tasted amazingly along with the white beans & sauce.

Time for dessert…. Apple and vanilla crumble & vanilla ice cream. OH MY MY MY! This was great! The Apple Crisp, the Vanilla Ice Cream, the Crumble. Aaah! I wish I ordered another one.

I then finished up by having coffee & petit fours which included a pina colada macaron, a dark chocolate biscuit with mousse & an apricot jelly. Yum.

When the waitress was taking away the plates after each dish, she asked for our feedback on them. So we were honest. Mom said she didn’t really like mussels (or the slugs as she calls it), but then said she liked the Curried Mussel Soup she tried. I then told her about the Risotto. Nothing was really WRONG with the food, it’s all down to personal preference, it was all cooked superbly, smelt amazing & presented beautifully.

To our shock, when we asked for the bill, she started off by saying “I’m sorry you didn’t really enjoy some of your courses, because of this, we’ve taken the coffees & 12% service charge but I can’t take any more off!”. I then told her “erm, are you sure you’ve got the right table?”. We honestly never expected anything like that to happen & told her such but she was insistant and told us how they want to do this for us so we come back again & how they value the feedback they receive. It was a nice surprise but I did leave a huge tip at the end when I paid because the service was great.

The Amazing Grace menu we had changes every Thursday, is great value for money & even though I didn’t like a couple of dishes, I know it was because of my personal taste not the quality of the food. Would I go back? HELL YES!

Michael Caines Restaurant at Abode Hotel on Urbanspoon

  • Food - 3/10
  • Service - 7/10
  • Value - 8/10

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