February 2011


I love this recipe, generally because it’s so frikin quick & easy to make for something that tastes amazing! Anytime I’m making chinese food, I always want to have a prawn dish as they are my favourite shellfish, ever! Next time you have prawns & want to try something different, try this!

120g grated coconut
2 tbsp dried chilli flakes
12 prawns, shelled and deveined
100g cornflour
2 egg whites, lightly beaten
Vegetable oil, for deep-frying
Salt & Pepper

1. Mix together the coconut and chilli. Dip the prawns in the cornflour, then into the egg whites and finally into the coconut/chilli mix. Shake off any excess, but make sure each one is well coated.

2. Deep-fry until golden brown, drain on kitchen paper, season with salt and serve piping hot along with rice & sweet chilli sauce

Quick & Easy!

Today marks 50 Years of Kuwait’s Independence and tomorrow is 20 Years of Liberation from the Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam.

تهاني الكويت في سنة 50 الخاص الاستقلال و 20 سنة من التحرير

Thanks to f2odesigns for the design 😀

This is currently one of my favourite things to make, it’s great if you are not in the mood to cook something that takes a long time to prepare & make. This can be done in under 30 minutes & tastes to die for! I have tried the recipe using Chicken as well & tastes just as great! *drools*

For the beef
• 4 sirloin or frying steaks
• 2 cloves garlic crushed
• 2 tbsp chopped ginger
• 3 tbsp dark soy sauce
• 2 tbsp rice vinegar
• ½ tsp salt
• ½ tsp ground pepper

For the sauce
• 4 tbsp vegetable oil
• 200g French Beans
• 1 Red Pepper Sliced
• 1 Large Red Chilli
• 1 tbsp Dried Chilli Flakes
• 2 tbsp dark soy sauce
• 200ml hot water with Vegetable Stock Cube
• 2 tbsp cornflour mixed with a little water

1. Cut the steak into strips into a mixing bowl. Mix the crushed garlic with the five spice powder, soy sauce, wine and seasoning. Pour over the beef and set aside for a while.

3. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok, add the beef along with its marinade and stir fry over a high heat for 2-3 minutes, until just cooked.

4. Tip in the French Beans & Peppers and stir fry for another minute before adding the chillies, soy sauce and rice wine. Stir briskly for another 30 seconds or so.

5. Pour in the hot water with stock cube and bring the sauce to the boil.

6. Add the cornflour and water mixture to the pan while still over the heat. Bring to a simmer and stir until thickened.

7. Add in a packet of Fresh Egg Noodles, approx 200g & mix throughly with the beef for another 2 minutes & serve. You could alternatively serve with rice instead.

I was recently sent the Sigg Classic 1L Bottle by PureKit who are the UK’s leading online outdoor specialists to review. I drink A LOT of fluids at work; be it water, coffee, orange juice or diet pepsi and due to the strict rules we have, we have to have a bottle or flask with us so we do not spill anything on our desks (& blow up the place LOL). I spend a lot of money on bottled water & throughout the day, fill it up at the office where we have endless amounts of fresh filtered bottled water from tanks. So when the chance to review this item was proposed to me, I snapped it up, if to save my bank balance at least!

Produced using a single piece impact extruded aluminium with no seams makes Sigg water bottles one the most durable bottles on the market. Producing bottles since 1908, this Swiss made product is extremely lightweight, hygienically coated inside with a taste neutral and fruit acid resistant covering, this bottle is 100% recyclable.


    1. Made from one piece extruded aluminium construction
    2. Hygienically coated inside to help alleviate contamination of contents
    3. The internal coating is resistant to fruit acids and isotonic drinks to help prevent decaying
    4. An inside taste-neutral coating means that your drink tastes how it is supposed to
    5. Almost unbreakable

When I received it in the mail, I was first struck at how light it was for a 1L Bottle. The overall design is great, I love the coloring of the bottle & how simplistic the logo is. The product is there to serve a purpose & that it does. It is great popping into my handbag to carry with me without worrying about any leakages. It is also scratch proof so you do not need to worry about damaging it, it’s tough!. I have dropped it a few times & you can’t even tell! I’ve filled the bottle up with warm water as well & it *could* work well as a flask however, the website does state that it’s not good for the long term keep of the bottle, however, I did it just to see how well it coped with different temperatures.

One thing that myself (and a friend) disliked about the bottle is the fact that the cap of it is not attached to the bottle so could easily be lost when out & about running, cycling, camping etc which this bottle is designed for. If I was the designer, I would have allowed for a cap to be attached to the body somehow but in-keeping with the overall aesthetics.

Overall, I do really like the bottle & would recommend it to those who are looking for a durable lightweight bottle that will last for years! It sure beats having to re-fill an empty water bottle every time you need more fluids & safer for you! The particular water bottle I tested is available in four colours & is retailed at £15.49 from PureKit. They have various other sizes in the Sigg range, so check them out!

This is one of my current favourite songs. The video features Rihanna & Kid Cudi with vocals by Fergie, Charlie Wilson, John Legend, Tony Williams, Alicia Keys, La Roux, The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Alvin Fields and Ken Lewis.

I’m in love with the video, the beat & for some random reason, Rihanna’s top! How her boobies fit in it, I have no idea LMAO 😛

I love F1 & have done for years. So why not own a piece of F1 in your own home? You can now get track art for your walls in the shape of the F1 circuits made out of wood custom made for you.

Made from high quality Baltic birch plywood and matte black Formica®. The laminated pieces are cut by a CNC machine creating a precise design. The edges are smooth and we supply an easy way to mount them without nails or hooks. Select from almost every track around the world. Hang them individually or create a wall of track art. The average size is 36″ square depending upon the track shape. Each track is custom made for you so expect an additional 5 days to normal shipping for delivery. These make a unique and wonderful gift for that hard-to-buy-for enthusiast on your list. I would like: Spa, Laguna Seca, Monza, Le Mans, Silverstone, Nurburgring, Monte Carlo (Monaco), Hockenheim…

Each track costs between $199.00 – $275.00 & takes around 2-3 weeks for delivery from Griot’s Garage

I know that Gareth, Pete & Mike will fall in love with this LOL The perfect gift for an F! fan who has it all? I think so.

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Adele is one of those few singers that has the power to create beautiful music even out of the darkest emotions & everyone can relate to one of her songs in some way or another.

She performed Someone Like You at the Brit Awards on Tuesday evening & it was flawless! I know I have already blogged about her a few weeks ago but she is currently my favourite singer; EVER! She received a standing ovation after her performance & she was the talk of the night. I love the fact she seems shocked at the audiences response & was close to tears.

On Wednesday I managed to snap up 2 pre-sale tickets to her concert in September in Glasgow. I’m annoyed that I couldn’t get tickets for her April show for my birthday as they all sold out within hours. September is AGES away but I cannot wait seeing her live!

On a girly note; her hair & makeup were AMAZING!

 Last month I was contacted by Nick, the Brand Manager for leading men’s grooming retailer The Shaving Shack discussing their first ever-own brand of shaving cream, The Bluebeards Revenge™, which contains a miracle ingredient called ‘Decelerine’, helping to reduce hair growth every time it is used. When I first read the email I was like “huh? why are they sending me this?” However, the more I read, the more I understood & was intrigued:

Despite the marketing for the product being heavily aimed at men with heavy beard growths, we started noticing a quarter of customers buying were women. We presumed at first they were buying for their husbands, but the trend continued and is now accounting for half our sales. We have conducted some research into this, and discovered that women have seen their husbands use it, or seen the Decelerine coverage, and realised that if they use it themselves, they can reduce the hair on their bodies by 40% over 60 days too. So, effectively our ‘World’s Manliest Shaving Product’ has been hijacked by women to reduce the hair growth on their legs, underarms and bikini line, selling over 2000 units.

When I saw it advertised on the spa software at my hairdressers’ place, curiosity got the best of me & I bought a tub of The Bluebeards Revenge™ Luxury Shaving Cream (180ml) along with a shaving brush. Now, I normally wax because frankly, shaving takes way too much effort & I’m crap at it (which you shall see later!). But, hey, I’m up for trying anything.

For my review, I thought I’d channel my inner man, turned up Jessie J’s Do It Like A Dude up full blast & started singing “I can do it like a brother. Do it like a dude. Grab my crotch, wear my hat low like you” while putting shaving cream on my face…..

What do you mean us girls don’t do that? hmmppph…. Okay it was only for the effect….. Back to reality….

When I opened the box, the girl in me loved the packaging. Opening the tub, I was met by an amazing smell I honestly never expected a shaving cream to smell so good (and not all manly which I was afraid of!). The cream itself has a shine to it & a soft, smooth texture.

I started by dipping the shaving brush in a sink of hot water then swirling it into the tub to get a good coverage. I then put some on my underarms & legs then started the hard task of trying not to cut myself. Sadly, I was left looking like I ran into a chainshaw.

I battled through my shitty shaving skills (practise makes perfect, I suppose!) and was left with silky smooth underarms & legs. The same kind of smoothness I got from waxing. What I liked about the shaving cream is that it wasn’t as messy as traditional shaving gel, you could lather up as much or as little cream on the areas you want to shave depending on preference & you were left with a nice smell on your body.

Now for the main part, it’s been a month since I started using it & I’ve since shaved twice, ditching waxing for this time period & I’m liking the results. I have noticed a difference in hair growth & that is only from using it twice. I’m noticing bigger results in my underarm than on my legs as normally my legs take longer for hair to start growing on them again, whereas my underarms start sprouting again after a few days.

The ultimate test would be whether I would use it again? Honestly? Yes. However, I need to work on my shaving skills, I don’t know how many more chunks of skin I can give away (not to mention the sight of blood!). I think for the immediate future, I will be ditching leg waxes & sticking to shaving with this product hoping that the results already seen will keeping going the way they are.

So, there it is, a review of an “ultimate male product” by a girl. Never thought you’d see the day, huh? I’m not alone in this either, but in my defense this product is not like a well reviewed trimmer, no women use trimmers, this is a weird product that is for both sexes, obviously.. I’ll just have to remember I can’t “do it like a dude” 😉

The Bluebeards Revenge™ is available to buy in the UK at The Shaving Shack, priced £14.99. A tub will last approximately 3-5 months & comes with a free shaving brush & free UK P&P.