I sometimes wish there was a pause button in life where you could stop for a minute, take a deep breath & wonder what the hell to do next. Sadly, life isn’t like that & for me right now, everything seems like it’s on fast forward, with no pause button in sight.

I’m in desperate need of a vacation. My job is ultra crazy & it burns you out like you wouldn’t believe, not to mention all my stomach crappy issues I have at the moment, I don’t just want but NEED to pause everything and relax.

February shall be my month of sorting my head out, relaxing, vacationing in blanket bay (bed!), watching daytime tv, reading books, walking Doggy Dog & finally mastering Macarons & Heston Blumenthal’s Popping Candy Chocolate Cake.

If not, I’ll probably have a mental breakdown. I’m burnt out.

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