After work today, I was running late leaving the office & missed my bus home. I had to wait 30 mins before my next bus so I decided to buy some fries as I was starving.

After I ordered, I was waiting for it & an old guy comes in, says “alrite hen” to me then asked the lady behind the counter what was the cheapest on the menu. He looked at his money then notices he didn’t have enough for his bus home and food. I put £3 on the counter then said “there you go”, he then looked at me in amazement & said “I never asked for anything”. I said “I know” before the lady behind the counter repeated “I know but she’s being nice”. I then go to walk out the door, said bye & he turned around and called me an angel & smiled like a fat kid with candy.

Even though I’m not mega rich, every so often there are people out there who deserve your help, it doesn’t have to be much, to me it was only £3, the cost of my daily Starbucks, but to him, it was probably the only hot food of the day he’d get.

It’s the little things that count, putting a smile on someone’s face & that in return, makes me happy.

Do something good today.


  1. Thats a really nice story and a really nice thing you did. Simple act’s like that give me hope that the world hasn’t gone entirely to hell.

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