My favourite people over at Fuel my Blog contacted me a few months ago asking if I wanted to try out a box of male grooming products from Men Are Useless, now naturally, I’m a girl. But, I decided to pimp out my dad & get him to try some products for me. As a suprising shock to me, he even decided to brave it & model the products while I take photos of him for the good of the cause *claps my hands*

Men Are Useless is a company based in the UK which delivers male grooming essentials via the letterbox starting from £9.99, with no contractual commitment. The main aim of the company is to stop men being useless, because frankly, they are at times, aren’t they? They have memories like a goldfish & need women to pick up the pieces & keep them on the straight & narrow. As the website says, men will now have “more time to play out, fight sharks, catch baddies, build dens, practice wheelies and hit the heights they deserve” as they can order the boxes themselves & never have to worry (plus get brownie points from women, for a change!) ;).

The beauty of Men Are Useless? You can shop like a man in under 10 minutes without actually needing to leave your house & having to put up with all those busy shops. You select the box that you’d like, order online, sit back & wait for it to be delivered monthly to you. You never need to worry about running out of razors & looking like a cave man, scaring the ladies with your bad B.O if you can’t find any deodrant/shower-gel. Instead, you can instead sit infront of the sofa with a face-mask on, watching the football & drinking beer while you make yourself pretty (plus never having to admit you use one!).

I was sent ‘The Works Box’ priced at £15.99 a month (includes P&P) which included a King of Shaves Azor Razor with Spare Blade, a King of Shaves Shaving Creme(50ml), a bottle of Original Source Hair and Shower Gel (250ml), a Bionsen Deodorant Stick & a Moose Head Face Pack. When I recieved the box through the letterbox, I opened the box to check what goodies were in store for my dad. I instantly fell in love with the little pack of Love Hearts on the side (which was meant for the postman, but ended up in my belly!), but honestly, I loved the packaging. The box was well wrapped, loved the letter that is included & the rest of the sweets which were included along with the products (which I nabbed!). My only disapointment was the fact that the shower gel leaked a little over the box but it wasn’t a huge biggie.

Now it was time to test the products. My dad first tried the King of Shaves Shaving Creme which he found wasn’t as foamy as he would have liked but it did the job it was served for. He loved the spearmint fresh smell of it which is great for early morning starts waking you up. Next up was the King of Shaves Azor Razor, unfortunately he wasn’t a fan of this at all. It started with trying to get the plastic protector off (it took FOREVER!), then the rubber blade protectors were in the way, my dad thought his shave wasn’t close enough & had to keep touching his face to see if it did actually shave. In the end, he said that his current Gillette Mach 3 was better suited for him & would only use this razor again if he didn’t have any other. When it came to the Original Source Hair and Shower Gel & Bionsen Deodorant Stick, he loved the smell of the shower gel which was extremely refreshing however not so foamy but did like it a lot & the Deodorant was great.

The ultimate for us though? The Moose Head Face Pack. It brought my mom & I into fits of laughter caking it onto my dad’s face, having him model it for photos & of course watch him try to talk when it was getting harder on his skin. When putting it on his skin, the coverage was amazing, it got tight on his skin & not rock hard as some Face Pack’s can do, his skin did feel softer after using it but found it a pain in the ass trying to get it all off afterwards.

I have never laughed so hard in my life testing these products with my dad, watching his facial expressions & him actually allowing me to take photos of him AND allowing me to post them on my blog, so a huge thank you to him for that <3 I love the overall concept which Men Are Useless have came up with, it’s handy, select some great products (& can include others if you are looking for something specific), posts everywhere in the UK as well as the EU and BFPO’s, ideal for gifts & is great value for money. I only wish they could create a similar box for women so I can get the benefit of it (especially since I shop like a man!)

Now for the LOL’s, my dad is awesome! :hug:


  1. Great review of the product and loved that your dad actually modeled for you and allowed you to put up the pictures he’s so adorable!

    Way to Go Mr. M 😀

  2. we love your father and if he want a job in our office as a product reviewer, you know where we are!

    Great review and lovely new look on the blog.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hahahahaha. That last photo really is amazing! Your father is pretty awesome for letting you do that to him!

    I love Original Source. The Tea Tree and Mint shower gel really is a kick up the arse in the morning! 🙂

  4. ananyah Reply

    @Gareth LS: oh i know! he is completely awesome! Original Source is awesome, wish it was more girly tho!

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