I’ve been exactly 1 month and 10 days since I’ve blogged. A little longer than expected, I had no time to sit & manually move over 6 years worth of blog to my new web host due to my crazy ass job. So, what better time to do it than during my 5 day vacation!

What can I say, it’s been about frikin time! You’ll also notice that my blog is now under ananyah.COM and not under /blog anymore, so please please update your bookmarks & RSS feeds. If you wanna be lazy, that’s cool, I cater for all. I’ve added a page re-direct script to aim here from now on if you cannot be bothered to edit anything. See, I love you all!

I have A LOT to catch up on, tons to blog, lots of geeky topics to write about, recipes to post, photos to share, you’ll be pretty much sick of me in about a weeks time. But, secretly I know you all love stalking me. Right? I mean who wouldn’t :cute:

Onwards & Upwards…

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  1. Welcome Back babes you’ve been sorely missed! And I’m glad now you have a new home to call your own!

    Looking forward to the future posts! YAY!

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