Poor little Doggy Dog is spending his first night away from the family in the Vets under observation.

He hasn’t been so well for the past few days & we took him to the vets (or doggy doctors as I like to call it!) after he vomited several times. He was given injections, meds & a thermometer up his butt to test if he had a fever. He seemed a little better later in the afternoon but then vomited again later at night.

This morning he ended up vomiting blood & my parents were up with him since around 6am making sure he was okay. He was then taken to the vets where they put him on a drip to hydrate him, gave him more meds & wanted to keep him in for a few hours to see if he got any better. I then called my mom later in the evening to see if they let him out yet… but no.

Doggy Dog is being kept overnight in the vets for observation.

I really hope the ickle termite will be okay, I hate seeing him ill even though he was born with a liver problem (which is all part of the issues he’s having at the moment).

*hugs doggy dog tight*


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