No one is perfect, we all have bad habits that will probably piss the hell outta other people and those who says they don’t have any bad habits are liars LOL (which is a bad habit in itself!)!


I bite my nails, my jaw clicks when I eat & my phone is always glued to my hand LOL

Now the jaw I can’t really do anything about because it’s the way my mouth is aligned after wearing retainers as a kid (I had funky frog, zebra & rainbow ones which I lost on a school trip to Phuket when I was 12 LOL), it annoys the hell outta my mom when I eat something I have to chew a lot as the clicking noise gets worse, it’s funny watching her face squirm when it clicks though, but talking of bad habits, her’s is biting her nails as hell but when she does it there is this weird sound which sends shivers down my spine & always shout at her to stop hahahaha

My nails I’m trying so hard to stop. I’ve been biting my nails for like 20 years so it’s a hard habit to break but I’m slowly doing it! A few years ago I got acrylic nails as I wanted long nails for a while, when they are on I look after them, I never bite them & actually loved how my hands looked with longer nails. Let’s face is, short stumpy jaggy nails ain’t hot!

However, once any of the acrylic nails fell off, I saw my own natural nails & ended up chewing them to pieces, usually if they start breaking as they are weak. It’s a never ending cycle! Acrylic Nails, chewing own nails again, Acrylic Nails…..

But it’s now been 2 months since I’ve bit my nails. I got Acrylic Nails for my friends wedding in Ireland, removed them a few weeks later & started using this Sally Hansen Miracle Growth & Strengthener on them, ever since they’ve been sprouting & got to a stage where to me, they were really long.

The only problem is, because they’ve been so short for so long, my own nails are very weak and break easily, but instead of biting them like I usually did when this happened, I’ve been using nail clippers to try save the length of my nails & then putting nail varnish on at all opportunities so they’d look too cute to eat LOL

I desperately need a manicure & luckily for me, I won a competition on Twitter from a Nail Salon which allows me to choose any treatment I want on their menu so I’m going to wait until my broken nails I had to cut a little shorter have grown a bit more then get them to work on my fingers.

I really hope I’ve finally broken the habit of a lifetime. I haven’t looked at my nails as of yet thinking “ooh tasty” so that’s a good sign *touches wood* I so don’t want to go back to tiny yucky nails!

& as for my phone? pffft! I love it!

So what are your bad habits or do you not have any 😉


  1. Hey sweetie… lol…. I have my bad habits, and its making an annoying gulping sound when I am drinking.. lol…. my husband has been kind enough NOT to really notice it.. but it BUGS the hell out of my younger brother 🙂

    I remember when I was in 4th grade, we were in science class, and somehow the nail issue came up. When my teacher mentioned that there were smalllll worms under everyone’s nails.. that was the very last time I even attempted to put my fingers near my mouth.. :what:

    Hope u stay off the nail biting path… it really looks much better when ur nails are all cute and presentable.. lol.. I have an old friend that used to hide her hands all the time due to her nail biting habit.. 🙂

  2. @Lavender: i so wanna hear the gulping sound hahahaha but yay to bugging brothers ;p bugs? thats a new one but i can see why it stopped u hahahaha

  3. I used to bite my nails a LOT, then I happened to pass by Claire’s and saw a clear-ish yellow-ish nail polish that’s really really bitter, so it can stop nail-biting..
    I bought it, I tried it, it’s disgusting and it totally works lol I haven’t bitten my nails for almost two years now el7amdillla 😀

    A bad habit I haven’t gotten rid of yet is the inability to hang/fold my clothes after trying them on or getting then back from laundry… I’m still working on it… Unfortuneatly there’s no Claire’s nail polish for that lol

  4. @Swair: i’ve tried it but then i got used to the taste, even tried chilli powder hahahah thankfully still haven’t bit them! I have that same laundry habit hahaha

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