Everyone who knows me or has followed my blog for the 7 years it’s now been around (eek!) will know that in my heart, I’m a Hip-Hop & RnB girl. I love it, even if my family & friends don’t LOL

However, the past few months, my musical taste has expanded a little more & I’m now listening to more Rocky music. It’s a refreshing change & there are a few groups/people that stuck out for me. I now can’t get enough of these guys and pretty much have them on repeat on my iPod.

Check my latest favourite songs out & if you have other artists you think I may like, please lemme know 😀

Biffy Clyro- Many of Horror

The Script – For The First Time

The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die

Brandon Flowers- Crossfire

James Morrison – Get To You

The Fray- You Found Me

Snow Patrol- Just Say Yes

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