This afternoon I went to go watch The Scottish Circuit Race Championships which was taking place down at Erskine Harbour near where I stay.

Since I wasn’t doing anything I thought I’d check it out & watch the races along with the internationally renowned stunt cyclists Danny McCaskill and The Clan which was pretty cool! It was a nice sunny day, except a little chilly as the afternoon went on. I ended up leaving after an hour & didn’t see the finish LOL :grumpy:

Say hello to men in tight tight lycra shorts *swoon*


  1. ruaridh shuttleworth Reply

    hey im in one of these cycle photo’s

    3rd picture, 2nd from the back in all white

    Was doing a google search for the results and came across your page 🙂

    great fun but hard hard work


  2. ruaridh shuttleworth Reply

    hi there

    Bigger version of the photo would be great thanks, I’m racing tonight in Stirling, 80km this time so sore legs tomorrow, we actually do this for fun 🙂

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