I love watching movies… old classics, french, indian & korean along with the latest box office releases. I’m currently off work for a week ill with a severe chest infection so I decided to dig out my favourite old movie collection & watch some again (for the 10 millionth time?). The movies below are some of my favourites, they never get old & I could still watch them time & time again. So, if you could watch any old movie again & again, what would it be?

To Kill A Mockingbird

Mutiny On The Bounty

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Greyfriars Bobby



Gone With The Wind

How To Marry A Millionaire

High Society

To Catch A Thief

The Million Pound Note

The Color Purple

Driving Miss Daisy

Fried Green Tomatoes


  1. OLD:
    Gone with the wind,
    Greyfriars bobby &
    Breakfast at tiffany’s

    NEW: The Dark knight, IRON MAN, Lucky number Slevin, i am sure there are a few but cant remember now

  2. Greyfriars Bobby!! That film is amazing, and so sad – I used to watch that all the time with my nan.
    And nobody else I know has seen Fried Green Tomatoes – how is this possible! Such an amazing film, gets me everytime.
    Good choices!

  3. @Lizzie: yeah greyfriars is so sad, our dog is named after him (my grandpa named him). such a cute movie! fried green tomatoes is an AMAZING movie! not many ppl I know have even seen it! I have it on dvd too 😀

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