It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but needs must. Enjoy my little rant!

Til next time,

Bisoux :love:


  1. I so wanted to hear the Scottish accent :P! Your situation so reminds me of the Scottish Korean starburst commercial lol

  2. Don’t kid yourself, your from the bronx, you just don’t know your adopted yet, your parents think you will be shattered when you find out! 😛

    Why does all your stories revolve around bars?

  3. @Salem: hahaha scottish korean? ba3ad!

    @Marzouq: im just im just mesho from the block *whistles* yeah probably. I mean, I don’t ever remember having a scottish 24/7 accent. maybe I am. and yes, my stories revolve around bars these days 😛

  4. Hey, good post!!
    I work at a University and had a student from Dubai who spoke with the same kinda accent as yours. She too being schooled in an international school in Dubai (& Germany). Don’t change for anyone!
    Also someone once said this to me…
    Normal is crap!
    Its only normal people that tell you that you are different because they envy the fact that you are not normal.
    Does that make sense?

    keep being you

  5. I loved the voice note post, being from Kuwait and have attended a private school I speak the same accent, almost all of us do here anyways so I don’t find it weird at all. I second Salem on the Scottish accent!

  6. I know just what you mean. Maybe it’s high time better awareness is raised as regards the whole International school accent phenomenon? ;p

  7. Don’t stress over other peoples issues. You just be you and we will all still follow you. Tweet ya later.

  8. @Angela Higgins – thanks so much! it’s funny how many people have the same accent as me, yet those who don’t understand, always like to complain!

    @super-sonic – yeah we all seem to have the same accent hahaha

    @Ansam – nooooooooooooooooo mest7ya *blushes*

    @Lavender – *shakes her head*

    @Pru – a public appeal for information?

    @Todd – thanks todd 😀

    @Yousuf M – maybe, one day, maybe 😉

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