June 2010


I was out earlier with mom buying new shoes for work as well as other bits I needed to complete my outfit for my friend’s wedding next week & came across an Italian Gelato Kiosk in Braehead. I grabbed up 2 scoops (to help soothe my throat which is still scratchy) and to my delight, they actually had my favourite ice-cream flavour EVER… Pistachio! I got a huge scoop of that along with Oreo Cookie for £3.

A little pricey, but well worth it! Ultra creamy, tasty & refreshing on a warm summer day <3

Doggy Dog has been on vacation for the past month with my Parents. Mom went over to Paris to help Dad find a new apartment so they took Doggy Dog on his 1st official vacation (with his little doggy passport). While in Paris, he was living it up munching on baguettes, croissants & spaghetti meatballs, along with being walked along the River Seine & hanging out in bar’s & cafes. Then, he decided to go to Regent’s Park in London for a few days, wandering around London (with mom), running around in parks, prancing around the streets & eating takeway rice.

But now he’s back. I’ve missed the little guy. I’m glad he didn’t fall in love with a little french poodle & run off into the sunset <3

My brother Andrew finally tied to knot last month to his girlfriend Lisa, they had been planning the wedding for nearly 2 years & finally did it. It was a great day & the majority of the family turned up which was great seeing people I haven’t seen in years & meeting the in-law-in-law’s (that’s my way of saying my sister-in-law’s family!). A few of the older members of our extended family couldn’t come because of their health which is understandable but we kept some wedding cake for them & sending them some photos so they can feel they were a part of it.

So now, I have a sister. I give it 6 months before I’m an auntie as well LOL :love:

Oh & you MUST watch this video from the wedding reception lol Lisa’s brother’s girlfriend got “Robbie Williams” to perform at the wedding & he got my brother, Lisa’s 2 brothers & an usher to pretend they were Take That. It was hilarious!

I love watching movies… old classics, french, indian & korean along with the latest box office releases. I’m currently off work for a week ill with a severe chest infection so I decided to dig out my favourite old movie collection & watch some again (for the 10 millionth time?). The movies below are some of my favourites, they never get old & I could still watch them time & time again. So, if you could watch any old movie again & again, what would it be?

To Kill A Mockingbird

Mutiny On The Bounty

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Greyfriars Bobby

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)

I’m totally diggin this song right now & B.o.B’s entire album, it’s hot! I pretty much can’t get this song outta my head & I like the way Hayley Williams (from Paramore) adds something extra into it!

A while ago I was given the opportunity to purchase several items from a pet supply website (toys, flea treatment that can be used on dogs, etc). Due to a crazy time period at work (shift work. Boo!) and the fact my brother just got married, I’ve only now been able to properly write this review of Nutrecare.

As you all know, I have a dog nicknamed Doggy Dog (or Chewy), what you may of not known is that when he was born nearly 4 years ago, he was gravely ill, always in the vets and later diagnosed with having a Portosystemic Shunt in his liver. This is caused by the failure of the fetal circulatory system of the liver to change. Therefore, blood from the intestines only partly goes through the liver, and the rest mixes into general circulation. Bad Toxins are then not cleared by the liver but instead put into the blood stream which makes him gravely ill.

So when this opportunity came along, I snapped it up. Because of his condition he is only allowed certain foods & on medication the rest of his life. It gets a little boring after time being on the same food stuff. Although, every so often he gets rice, scrambled egg, doggy milk, cottage cheese, plain biscuits & other little treats, but only one’s which have been approved by his Vet.

The website itself was extremely easy to use, photos and explanations of the different products especially loved the fact that it gave you advice about what each foodstuff is good for (eg dogs with shunts, allergies etc). Not only do they sell dog food but also toys, prescription meds, beds, snacks, accessories for a variety of different pets.

I decided to purchase a few little snacks as well as a ball which you filled with biscuits to make eating fun. I also purchased a doggy car harness in which you can strap the dog to a seat belt and have them sitting in the car without jumping everywhere, perfect for doggy holidays (Doggy Dog is living it up in Paris at the moment).

When the package came a few days after ordering, I opened the doggy treats right away to see how his little belly coped with them. He instantly fell in love with the Mini Bones, so much so that when I left the open packet on the table, little piggy dog decided to jump on the table, grab the bag and demolish 10 of them in one go!! Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy bunny & he was put into his naughty box for an hour!

But hey, at least they went down well, with no side effects!

With the harness, it’s a tad bit too tight on him but we got it to work, he now sits in the back seat of the car, falls asleep on his little blanket & my parents used it on him when they travelled from Glasgow to Paris at the weekend. He was good as gold. Without the harness, he could of had to be in a cage the entire journey. It’s a great invention & something we will get great use out of! It’s kinda like strapping a toddler into a car seat at times though, but, I do think Doggy Dog thinks he’s human at times LOL

Doggy Dog didn’t really take to the ball, basically it’s a giant purple ball where you put their doggy biscuits & when they roll it around, the biscuits are supposed to pop out. The thing is, Doggy Dog isn’t one for playing fetch or rolling balls around. However, when my brother’s dog Devil Dog came around, he instantly set eyes on this toy, threw it around the living room like a crazy person & was enjoying every minute on it. It now has a new home where it will be welcomed with open bellies!

Nutrecare’s Website is very well laid out, clean cut & split into various sections. They also have a section of the latest special offers & latest products they have along with sending you out newsletters on the latest offerings. I would highly recommend them & so would Doggy Dog after all those treats he gobbled!

To get more information about them you can join them on facebook or follow them on twitter.