I was asked a few weeks ago by FuelMyBlog if I’d be willing to review a customized photo printing company MyPrinting and in return given my choice of product to test & report back on. As many of you know, I love taking photos, I have so many of them (in fact I have over 1GB still to process!) so I jumped at the chance to do this. I opted for the canvas print and had the hard task of picking what photograph to get printed. Since getting our house renovated, I haven’t had the chance of decorating my walls yet so thought that this would be a good start. I finally decided on picking a photo of Doggy Dog wearing sunglasses because the colors matched my bedroom & I have this weird fascination (or OCD?) with color co-ordinating everything LOL

I logged onto their website, took a look around at all the various products that MyPrinting has to offer such as acrylic panels, calendar’s, photo books & of course the canvas prints and set about the ordering process.

To start, you upload the photo that you want to use & a preview screen will appear showing you what your customized item will look like on the wall. I really liked this idea as it gave you an idea of what you would be getting. The website overall is very simplistic & easy to use, all the information you could possibly want is given to you as well as more in-depth knowledge into the various products & how they are made.

However, I did face one problem which I hope MyPrinting will address. While choosing the photo to upload (600×481 pixels), then selecting the size of canvas I wanted, a problem arose. I got a pop-up screen warning me that the quality of my chosen photo is “not sufficient to create a high quality product” and to either choose a smaller sized canvas or upload a larger sized image. MyPrinting do not give you any information on this, which I feel would have been better. For those who upload low quality images, a possible fix on the website would be to tell clients what is the best sizes to upload. This would then let the client know what the best size for the highest quality product would be.

Excluding that small problem I had, I ignored the pop-up screen & thought I would chance it. I choose the 40 x 30 landscape canvas and when my package arrived from Germany a few days later, I was not dissapointed. The quality of the canvas was brillant even with the warning given to me on the website. Wooden pieces were included so that if needed at a later point in time I could tighten the canvas if needed. These instructions however, were in German, and even though there are pictures supporting the written words, it would have been more ideal if they were in English.

I would highly recommend MyPrinting and infact will be ordering another canvas to balance my room off (yes, another OCD I have! I like even numbers LOL). The best bit is, readers of my blog can get a discount if they wish to purchase anything from the MyPrinting website for a limited time.

Until the 30th of April, you lot (yes YOU!) can get 15% off Photo Books, Canvases and Panel Prints (Acrylic, Aluminium, Foam-Core) using the Voucher Code: FMB-RDR-15. Please note that the discount does not include delivery costs

Here are photos of the end product, it looks great & now the hardest part is choosing which wall to hang it up on!


  1. Hey hon!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture! I have been wanting something along the same line for my kids rooms. I wanted to take different shots of them, have it on a canvas print like that and make that the ‘art’ on their walls! I see they only ship within the UK, I wonder if it would be worth it for me to order it from them and have it delivered to my UK shop and ship account… hmmm.. or find a place here.. nevertheless loved the review!

    Take care girlie <3

  2. I would totally recommend getting it from them. They are shipped to the UK from Germany so you could contact them if you buy a few and ask if they’d deliver straight to Saudi for you? They use DHL anyway to deliver so it wouldn’t hurt to ask. If not, get it delivered to your UK address (or delivered to me & I fwd to you in Saudi!). Glad you liked my review & if you do order, make sure you use the discount code!

  3. Nour Al-Gharabally Reply

    Wow! I love the picture!! I came across some young entrepreneurs with almost the same idea/service, I’m not sure if they have the same quality though..
    I still can’t get over the picture!! <3

  4. Looks really cool! I like the look of it! Quality seems really good! I got some ideas for that type of canvas!

  5. @Nour Al-Gharabally: you dont really know until you try a company. I was a little wary because of the size of the image I have but it turned out amazing & can’t wait to order again 😀

    @Marzouq: the quality was amazing! I’d love to do a huge art display with several photos on canvas, would look amazing! also great for gifts & family keepsakes!

  6. Looks insanely hot! I think this will be the perfect gift for anyone pick out an awesome picture and just have it made! 🙂

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