Just because I felt like it which is as good a reason as any 😉

1. What are your best friends’ name?

I have a gang of best friends; Jumana, Marzouq, Aisha, Yousef, Farah, Sandi and Sarah <3 2. What color underwear wearing now?


3. What are you listening to right now?

My Chick Bad by Ludacris feat Nicki Minaj

4. Whats your favorite number?

I don’t think I have one really :S

5. What was the last thing you ate?

A chocolate biscuit <3 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be?


7. How is the weather right now?

Cloudy & cold, is Scotland ever any different?!

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

My brother Andrew

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

Eyes & Eyelashes, it’s all about them for me 😀

10. Do you have a significant other?

No, pfffft!

11. Favorite series?

Tough choice between NCIS, Criminal Minds, Cold Case & CSI

12. Siblings?

An older brother who is 32

13. Height?


14. Hair color?

Browny Reddy

15. Eye Color?

Bluey Grey

16. Do you wear contacts?

Yes, would be lost without them!

17. Favorite Holiday?

Christmas <3 18. Month?

April, it’s when you know Spring is truely here plus it starts off with my birthday 😀

19. Have you ever cried for no reason?

Yes, I’m pretty weak like that!

20. What was the last movie you watched?

Oh god, I sit & watch crappy TV movies all the time since I’m not working yet lol

21. Favorite Day of the Year?

April 1st, my birthday or December 25th, Christmas, so I can eat all day long hahaha 😛

22. Are you too shy to ask someone out?

Yes but there may come a time when I do just that!

23. Can you do a headstand (not using the wall)?

No, my boobs topple me over!

24. Hugs or Kisses?

aaaah tough choice! can’t you have both?!

25. Chocolate or Vanilla?

Vanilla everytime!

26. Do you want your friends to respond to this?

Yes, if they have blogs they should copy this, ya heard?!

27. Who is most likely to respond?

Whoever I beat into submission!

28. Who is least likely to respond?

The pope?

29. What books are you reading?

None at the moment, give me some suggestions!

30. Piercings?

Just my ears

31. Favorite movies?

Anything with Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman in it

32. Favorite football Team?

Celtic & France

33. what are u doing after this?

Tweet & Stalkerbook

34. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?

Salted and butter, THE best!

37. Dogs or cats?

Dogs, do you even need to ask?!

38. Favorite flower?

Pink & Red Roses

39. Been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do?

Talking to guys on the phone when I was younger & not allowed too 😛

40. Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex?

Yes, sometimes they are the best!

41. Have you ever loved someone?

Yes & it was great at the time

42. Who would you like to see right now?

My best friends 😀

43. Are you still friends with people from kindergarten?

No, but I am from when I was 8

44. Have you ever fired a gun?

No & don’t have the urge too

45. Do you like to travel by plane?

Yes, I love it!

46. Right-handed or Left-handed?

Right-handed, we’re smarter!

47. How many pillows do you sleep with?

2, sometimes 3

48. Are you missing someone?

Yeah & it sucks!

49. Do you have a Tattoo?

No, I detest them!

50. Anybody on facebook or twitter that you’d go on a date with?

Yes & I’m not saying who, that would be telling, they know who they are 😛


  1. Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha BOOOOOYAAAAAAH! MARZOUQ!!!! Or in the words of the great Nelly

    “I am number one, no matter if you like it,
    err take this down and write it
    I am number one, ey ey ey (ey ey)
    (Let me ask you man)
    What does it take to be number one?
    Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers
    (Tell me now dirty)
    What does it take to be number one?
    ey ey (ey ey)”

    Hehehehe thanks love :* I love you too but I might not do this since I procrastinate too much and my attention span is as large as an ant’s butt 😛

  2. @Jacqui: hahaha my best friends are in no particular order, I love you all hehehe. An ants butt is too big to compare ur attention span too! <3

  3. Headstands boobs topple you over! hahahaha! And how can you put me with that bunch!!! 😀

    24 is the only series!

    Thats too many damn questions! I don’t this stuff!

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