Shortly after I went AWOL from blogging, I went away with a group of friends to Newcastle for one of my childhood friends from way back in Kuwait’s Bachelorette (Hen) Party. We went to High School together & she went to University in Aberdeen as well with me.

She moved to Cyprus in December so was having the Bachelorette Party earlier which was cool! We all booked the weekend away and stayed at a hotel right in the city centre with 3 of us sharing each room. The weekend was crazy from the get go, so much so that I needed a week to recover after I got back hahaha. We took so many photos, but we can only post so many of them as they are NSFW LOL So here’s a run down of what went on during the weekend…

I met up with Klaudia & Claudia (yeah it’s confusing lol) in Edinburgh and got the train down the rest of the way together, meeting Tonje at the station who flew in from Norway earlier. Emma & Carina were coming down later that night & would meet us at the hotel. Klaudia, Claudia, Tonje & I went shopping after checking into the hotel, while in a store, this guy approached me infront of my friends asked where I was from, what I was up to that night & if I wanted to meet up. I said sorry but it was girls only, then Klaudia tells him “unless you’re one of the strippers” which the guy said “sure, if she wants me to be” hahaha it was hilarious, but the guy had guts coming up to me infront of my friends lol

We then all went out for dinner at this Italian Restaurant at the Quay Side which was really yummy before going to a nearby bar while waiting for Carina to arrive. We ended up being surrounded by a group of guys who looked barely over 21 & we chated to them for a while as we drank triple vodka’s for £1.50 *gulp*. Needless to say, I shouldn’t of had 3 of them as I was swinging from the roof! We went back to the hotel to meet Carina, I ended up vomiting in the bathroom & almost passing out, but after vomiting, I was fine again hahaha I cleaned myself up & went partying again at various Nightclubs until 4am.

For not coming back to the hotel until 4am, we all woke pretty early! Went shopping in the Metro Centre & binged on Nando’s *drools* before coming back to the hotel to get ready for the crazy night ahead. We booked a male strip show for Klaudia but she had no clue where we were going & also that we were in fancy dress! We kidnapped her, blindfolded her then dressed her in a Grease themed outfit with us girls as the Pink Ladies. While getting ready, drinking (do you spot a theme?!), Klaudia & I met up with a girl we went to school with in Kuwait who was originally from the Newcastle area, 10 years after we last saw her, it was really good catching up.

It was time for the strip show *swoon* & we had a total blast with the drag queen & 2 male strippers at the nightclub it was held in. There were 6 groups in total of Bachelorette’s so I feel sorry for the strippers hahaha. Now, these weren’t just strippers who stripped down to a thong, they went the full hog, bare frikin naked & I think we all had a heart attack hahaha but it was really fun overall & we had drinks with them at the bar after the show (& yes, they wore clothes haha).

After the strip show, we moved on to Tiger Tiger & spent the rest of the night there going from room to room. But with Bachelorette’s comes Bachelor’s, a huge group of Irish guys were all over us, talking to us, stealing our dick shaped straws (lmao!) & dancing with us. They were pretty harmless & funny except when one of them who was completely drunk as a skunk decided to whack my butt with this metal stick, I went to grab it to get him to stop & he ended up slicing my finger open! Blood was pouring everywhere & before I knew it, he stuck my finger in his mouth sucking the blood up *shiver* silly boy! We all danced & drank the night away having a total blast, before we knew it, it was closing time & we all got back to the hotel for some much needed sleep!

It was a pretty crazy weekend of mojito’s, polish vodka, champagne, wine & shots and it was the first time I drank in over 10 months, so I didn’t do so bad LOL but I couldn’t handle any more alcohol hahaha. We all packed & vacated the hotel at lunch time, then headed to The Gate for much much needed food before getting our trains back home. The train to Aberdeen was packed so I had to stand until I got off in Edinburgh, lack of sleep + standing for nearly 3 hours KILLS, always book a seat people, seriously! I was in so much pain *cries*. I was so glad when I got home, it took me nearly a week to recover from 48 hours of partying hahahaha a sign that I’m getting very old & not used to it anymore! One valuable lesson I learnt was not to drunk tweet, some of the crap I said was hilarious hahahahaha

Enjoy the photos 😀


  1. This is seriously some disgusting stuff going on and I don’t think we want some of those pictures towards the end! And as usual you threw up! LOL! hahahaha! Seriously hilarious!

  2. @Marzouq: hahaha men may not want to see the photos towards the end, but females certainly do 😉 and yes, as usual I vomited hahahahaa it was a really fun weekend tho!

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