Shortly before Christmas, I took the huge leap of converting to Apple after Jacqui hounded me and hounded me with all things Mac! She has this power you know, to convert people to the dark side, so you need to becareful when you talk to her mwahaha!

I got the 13″ High End Macbook Pro, the 15″ looked too big for me when I saw them side by side & after a few months of using it, I’m hooked! I’d be lost without my little Macbook now, it feels weird using a PC!

I bought a little handmade sleeve to protect my Macbook from etsy so it doesn’t get scratched, I’m like an over protective mother hahaha. It’s slightly padded & it great for when I want to take my Macbook with me on the move.

Yes Macbook’s are more expensive than normal laptop’s but it really is worth every penny. As soon as a booted my Macbook up, I was blown away by the graphic & sound performance compared to my 3 yr old Fujistu-Siemens. And I had my Mac Guru Jacqui to help me with what programs I should install right away. It did take a little getting used to at first, the keyboard, OS and shortcuts are all so different but much quicker & easier!

I use a website called Wakoopa to keep track of what programs I use on my Macbook, so if you want to add me as well, please do so by clicking here! To date, I’ve used 167 different applications both Web & Mac based, I won’t list them all but I’d be lost without Growl, Quicksilver, Photobooth (yes I’m addicted!), Coda & Cyberduck.

I’ll leave you now with photos taken on my blackberry (sorry for the quality!) of me unboxing and starting up my new baby! I still need to come up with a nickname for my Macbook, I have no clue what to call it.

Any suggestions?


  1. I’m not evil trust me I’m good 😛

    Hahahahahaha so I converted all the Twirlies first with Swair then Sou then you Bowahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    I feel powerful!

    And trust me now that I switched my Desktop to Mac a year ago it feels hard navigating through Windows it’s like speaking in a different language and I just want to kill it sometimes!

    Oh well! But awesome!

  2. @Jacqui: yes ur good hehe what would I do without my bestie, eh?! Twirlies are AWESOME! I’m the last one out hehehe xx it’s gonna be weird when I start working, I’ll be on PC and helping ppl with them too! Major awesomeyeyness 😀

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