*wipes the dust off the screen* Hello! Remember me? It’s hard to imagine that it’s been nearly 5 months since I’ve actually properly blogged, I have no real excuse for abandoning this place but at least I’m back now, right? And I have ALOT to talk about! For this occasion, I’ve revamped my blog for 2010, making it all pretty 😀

It’s been a crazy 5 months so not really sure where to start! Bullet points perhaps? Then maybe a post on it’s own to go into detail? Oh I don’t know! So here’s what been going on:

1. I finished grad school
2. I’m now learning to drive & only a few lessons away from getting my license
3. While I’ve been abandoning my blog, Twitter has taken over my life!
4. My parents bought my grandfather’s house, we got it extended & renovated
5. I got a job, yes, me, I, Michelle have a job! I found out yesterday & don’t start until end of March, but yay! It’s in IT as well and so far the only girl on the team, w00t!
6. Cooking more & teasing everyone with food p0rn photos on Twitter LOL

So that’s pretty much it, it’s been a great start to 2010 & really hope it continues to be so! Expect a crazy amount of posts from now on, I do have alot to catch up on (especially photos!)

Bisoux à tous :*


  1. Yaaaay welcome back beyoooootch! IT’s beeen ages and you’ve been missed 😛

    Yalla now we get to see how dedicated you’ll be towards blogging 😛

    Loves you :*

  2. congratulations again on the new job. Look forward to hearing all about it when you get started

  3. I am so happy to hear from you! I have been wondering how you are doing, and it is all such GOOD news! Mabruk on the graduation – grad school is tough – but fun! Congrats on having a job lined up, on having great cooking skills, on learning to drive (that’s a SURVIVAL SKILL, woman!) and on the calm steadiness we can hear in your ‘blog voice’. Welcome! Welcome! Wooo HOOO you are BACK!

  4. @Intlxpatr: aww thanks! it has been a while but I’m back! I needed a break, was pretty tough having a blog and having so much go on around me not to mention figuring out how to blog again after my identity was leaked to family haha but I’m getting there! I missed this place like crazy 😀

  5. ooh welcome back dear,
    nice updates on your place,, can’t believe it’s been 5 months already =S gee i’ve been so busy to notice time flying..

    don’t disappear on us now =)

  6. See how people are welcoming you back, how could you just leave your audience and just disappear ha ha ha ha!!! :@


  7. Welcome back to the land of blogging, Mich! Of course it feels like you’ve never been away because I speak to you on Twitter everyday ANYWAY, but it’s still good to have you back xx

  8. Welcome back, I know what you mean about twitter, its so addictive, it should be made illegal 🙂 but its good to have you blogging again.

  9. @don Veto: hahah noooo it cant be illegal! what would I do when I’m bored or can’t sleep?! This favicon has been around for ages silly :hmm:

  10. Welcome back! You have taken too damn long! Twitter sucks! Blogs have real content!

    Your blog looks good!

    You have been studying for a license longer then you have for a damn PHD!! DRIVE ALREADY!

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