West Coast Rapper Warren G (step brother of Dr. Dre) best known for his song Regulate is back on the scene with his latest self produced album “The G Files” which is out on September 29th. He is back collaborating with Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg who helped make him famous in the first place.

I got hold of his album & am sharing 2 of my favourite tracks off of it which I’ve been playing on repeat most of the day:


  1. Marzooq: 1st of all the song is called ” Regulate ” not regulators 🙂

    2nd : Nate Dogg And Snoop Dogg didn’t make Warren famous ! It’s the other way around, being Dr. Dre’s half Brother (From Mother side) , Warren took a demo tape of his group “213” which features (Him, Snoop, and Nate) to Dre during a party, when Dre was listening to the tape Snoop rhyming skills got his attention, and he immediately asked warren to bring snoop to the studio and the rest was history.

    Warren made it on his own without the help of Dre or anyone else, His first LP “Regulate.. G Funk Era” sold 176,000 in its release week, making it to #2 on the Billboard Top 200.

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