A while ago I was sent a pair of Skechers Shape-Up to review by Fuel My Blog. While taking Shape-Ups out of the box, I noticed that not only did it include a pair of white & baby blue trainers (which just so happen to be my favourite color!) but also included a booklet & DVD on how to walk & make the most out of them.

Before wearing the Shape-Ups, I flicked through the booklet which highlighted that they are designed to promote weight loss & tone muscles in various areas in your body without having to step inside a gym (yaay to that!), not to mention:

    1. Strengthen the back
    2. Firm calf and buttock muscles
    3. Reduce cellulite and tone your thighs
    4. Increase cardiovascular health
    5. Improve posture
    6. Reduce stress on knee and ankle joints

Designed to improve your life by changing the way you walk, Shape-Ups feature a unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom to simulate walking barefoot on a giving surface that gives such as sand. With the comfort of Shape Ups, you will feel your heel sink to the ground as you step, roll forward as your weight shifts to its center, and push off with your toes. This movement will result in stronger leg, buttock, back and abdominal muscles as you stabilize your steps

Source: Skechers Shape-Ups booklet

Putting them on my feet for the first time they felt extremely weird, I couldn’t get my balance positioned correctly on them, it felt I was walking on 4 inch heels and going to fall over. It took a while to get used to them because you basically have to train yourself to walk in a different way because they are totally unlike normal trainers and the soles are designed to have a rocking effect which sinks your heel into the ground then roll you forward before pushing your weight off your toes. It took around 5 minutes before I could start walking in them properly which at first seemed a little crazy but the more I walked around on them in the house the more it felt like I was walking on air, or clouds or a sponge and are unbelievably comfortable which makes a change for trainers which I usually detest, in fact the pair I own (also Skechers) I haven’t worn in over 2 years.

It has been a while since I started wearing them and I honestly love them, not only me but my mom has started wearing them at times as well (the downfall of having the same size feet?) and she has remarked that they are very comfortable and even helped reduce the muscle pain in her knees due to arthritis which make wearing normal flat shoes very sore for her. I’ve noticed that while wearing them, my posture changed by becoming straighter while walking, something which I’ve been trying to fix for years. After hurting my lower spine, and getting a rather nasty spinal injection, I attended 6 months of physiotherapy at Inspire Health, which helped immensely! The muscles in my legs felt like they were stronger while walking Doggy Dog in the park and one thing that made me fall in love with these trainers was when I was out shopping all day wearing my normal ballet pump shoes and my feet were killing me, in particular the heels of my feet. I then got home, put on the Shape-Ups and the pain virtually went away, I couldn’t feel the pain in my heels anymore. I put this down to the special kinetic wedge insert which raises the heel of your foot slightly.

Overall, they are an amazing pair of trainers which I will be wearing time and time again while walking doggy dog (or running errands as my mom does when she steals them off me!) and would recommend them to anyone who asks. I’ve already had people on Twitter ask me about them and told whoever asks that they are amazing. Do they help you loose weight? Well I’m already on a diet loosing 2 stone (13kg) for far without any gym time and with any exercise it needs your own willpower and effort, you can’t put the trainers on and suddenly start loosing weight (otherwise they will be surgically attached to my feet!) but because they are so comfortable, they make you walk for longer periods which in turn helps you loose weight.

Available in various colors, they are approx £90 and worth every single penny!


  1. Cool, I bought the Fitflop and was using it, it’s quite nice but I think this is worth an investment to try out 😛

  2. I purchased a pair of these and being using them for the last 2 weeks…..avg…2.5 miles 5 time a week.

    But, my toes get numb…..and they get very hard.
    Have you heard of anyone experiencing the same?

    Thanks Maria

  3. I worn my shape ups for the first time on saturday for about half an hour or so. They are very comfortable but I have been in agony with pain in hips and lower back every since. I can’t face wearing them until the pain had died down a bit. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how long did it last?

  4. Thanks for posting this very helpful information; I happened to come to your blog just searching around the web. Please keep up the good work!

  5. peggy kemkp Reply

    Extremely painful is worn full time…I can hardly walk now and am hoping this will subside…..Highly disrecommend these shoes

  6. Purchased shape ups December 2009, loved them !
    Wore them 8 -10 hours everyday.
    Started experiencing TERRIBLE LOW BACK & HIP PAIN.

    Haven’t worn them for several weeks and pain has gone away.

    I suggest not wearing shape ups for more than 45 minutes
    3 X week at most.

    I’m sure it was my fault for wearing them too long, too often.

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  8. I am experiencing same hip and knee pain after wearing Shape-Ups for a few days. Walking for any length of time is painful and cannot stand to carry anything heavier than my purse…weight is too much for my lower joints!! Store will not take them back so I am stuck with these very expensive shoes which I dare not wear again!!

  9. I had severe hip pain from wearing shape-ups. My MRI revealed stress fractures in both femoral necks. I had to have surgery to put 6 large screws in my femoral bones. I am fit, active and have healthy bone density. I had no hip or leg pain previously. I filed my injury report with the Consumer Products Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov) I contacted Ron Johnson, a lawyer specializing in ‘toning’ shoe injuries (www.pschachter.com) and he filed my lawsuit against skechers. My story appeared on Good Morning America, I want everybody to be informed of their risk of injury, because I wish I had known.

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