A while ago Jackie & I thought about starting our own blog design business because of the amount of requests we get to design for people. So, we thought why not & have now set up JAM Dish. Our little business based in the UK, Kuwait & New York.

Why JAM Dish? Well J & M are our initials so it was an easy choice, the Dish part came from trying to pic something that fitted with JAM. In the end we chose Dish because we dish out design creations all over the interwebz 😀

We have already completed our first client which was a customized website & forum for Kuwait Crohn’s. A website which acts as an information point & support group for suffers of Crohn’s Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Kuwait.

Our own website has not been completed yet as we are building up our portfolio some more before launching our website in full but in the meantime you can go to JAM Dish & register your interest in the site which will subscribe you to all news when the site is live.

You can also join our Facebook Page to see what we are up to or you can good ol’ fashion email us at: jam[at]jamdish.com.


  1. Congratulations on the website! Its looking good and your first design does look good! Keep it up and keep us posted!

    I know you guys do an amazing job with my blog all the time! 😀

  2. Here is to a wonderful partnership and the purchase of many new technological gadgets from our profits 😛

    Mama needs a new iPod nano, Classic, and a Touch just to not make him feel lonely 😛

  3. @Daddy’s Girl – hahaha yes you’re turn is coming up!

    @Vixen – thank you so much! it was about time hehe

    @eleventh.st – aww <3 we love your design, one of our favourites we did!

    @Elegant Chic – thanks sweety ;*

    @Marzouq – you were our first 😀

    @zsafwan – thank you, lets hope it's successful!

    @Jacqui – ooooh gadgets *droool*

  4. helloooo ,
    hehehe I love what you have done for “il Sul6ana” and i was wondering if you could do something for me?

    not too complicated..

    let me know if its a yes….or a no for that matter , i dont wanna keep waiting hehehe…

    thank youuu!!!
    best of luck!

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