While out looking at flooring for the house renovations the other week, the car tyre on my mom’s car went flat.

No biggie right?

Well wrong! The nut bolts were too tight so we couldn’t get them off to change it. Mom then calls her insurance company as she has breakdown service with them to get them to come out to us.

This is when the problems start!

Unknowingly, my mom’s europe wide breakdown coverage was canceled in 2008 without prior knowledge. It is supposed to carry on automatically yearly, but now they are saying its void. Mom was so pissed off, we were stuck in a shopping car park in the pouring rain and a flat tyre! Mom shouted down the phone and said once her motor trade insurance was up in October, she’ll be looking elsewhere!

We then call my brother & ask him to come rescue us, which he does 30 mins later. In the meantime while waiting, mom calls up The AA breakdown service which she pays for but on my brother’s car. She explains the situation to them and they quickly change the breakdown coverage into joint names (paying extra) so that it can be used on any car and they organized someone to be out within the hour.

My brother then arrives and manages to get the nuts off after several attempts, jacks the car up, takes off the flat tyre, puts the spare tyre on the car, tightens it all back up…. Then The AA guy turns up lol! The AA guy then checks to see if the nuts are tight enough and pumps the tyre with some air and after signing paperwork sets us on our way…. To a garage to buy new tyres!

Moral of the story?

Yay to brothers who can change tyre’s
Yay to The AA for coming out fast
Boo to Norwich Union Insurance Company! Make sure you choose another one, click here to compare rates, should be even cheaper, I bet.

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  1. eeeeeeek! well thank God for the AA guys so wait let me get this straight in Britain they are AA and in America they are AAA ? lol coz I know in America they are all triple A lol

  2. AA is damn good and worth the service! I have AAA in the states they are fantastic! They even have a 100 mile tow free!

  3. Nice story – glad it had a happy ending…
    I can’t get the ad out of my head after reading Steve’s comment 🙂

  4. Here’s another story.

    My friends used to ask me why I kept a 2 meter long steel pipe back in my 4×4 and offroading day, and despite being the worst one on the planet to speak for it, I answer physics.

    When you hole in your nut lugger spanner thingy through a pipe, the extra length increases the torque of the force you put on to it. It becomes so easy that an effortless nudge towards whichever direction you want it to go at should suffice into getting it loose.

    Moral of the story. I should return to 4x4s. :(.

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