1 Lemon Cut into Quarters
2 Tbsp Runny Honey
50ml White Wine (or White Grape Juice)
1 Tbsp Tomato Puree
Handful of Chopped Fresh Parsley
Handful of Fresh Basil Leaves
8 Small Chicken Thighs
500g Baby New Potatoes
1 Red Onion, Halved & Sliced
Low Fat Cooking Spray

1. Preheat the oven to 170°c. Squeeze the juice from the lemon into a large bowl and add the squeezed out lemon into the bowl as well. Stir in the honey, wine, tomato puree, basil and parsley. Season well and add the chicken stirring to coat. Set aside to marinate.

2. Half the baby new potatoes and add then into a pan of water, bring to the boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes until tender. Drain and cool under running water. Then place them in a large casserole dish. Scatter the onion on top, season well and mist with low fat spray.

3. Place the chicken on top of the potatoes and drizzle with the marinade. Roast for 1 hour turning the chicken over every now & then until cooked.

4. Plate up & enjoy with added vegetables if you want. I used whole baby carrots ^_^

This recipe takes approx 5 minutes to prepare & 1.5 hrs to cook. Serving 4, it has 372 calories per serving or 5.5 Weight Watchers Points


  1. Looks really good. Would definitely try it when Im back in the UK but with breasts cause I don’t do thighs.

  2. @Sabeur: you can make it for fu6oor 😛

    @faaa6: I pulled the bones out of the thighs since I hate bones too but they are better to use as the bones help keep the chicken moist

    @B: you’re welcome 😀

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