It’s hard to imagine that is been a whole year since my grandfather passed away. On August 20th at 2:20pm, he passed away after a 3 month battle of Bowel Cancer which spread to his liver. I wish I could say that he wasn’t in any pain, but he was and had to be pumped with morphine & forced into a coma-state just to hold on.

Not a day has passed when I haven’t thought about him, it’s the tiny things that pop up in daily life that get to me… some make me smile, some make me cry but good or bad, they are memories I’ll treasure always. For years, my grandfather always wanted to see this little sea-plane taking off from near to where we live or catch it in the sky, but he never did get to see it. Ever since he died, near enough every single day, I’ve seen it fly in the sky, seen it land and seen it take off. It’s times like these that make me smile but wish he got to see it for himself.

In the past year, my brother got engaged and it’s sad that my grandfather won’t be able to see him get married, but luckily he met his future wife and liked her. My parents bought my grandfathers house and I’m staying in it full time now along with mom & his dog Bobby (Doggy Dog aka Chewy). We’re going to be renovating the house and extending it to give it more space. I’m glad my parents made the decision to buy the house, even though in the beginning I was against it. I like living here, it’s peaceful and it’s full of memories even if we’re going to be renovating it.

Today, mom & I went to the place where his funeral was held & his ashes scattered. We arranged flowers in vases and put a single white rose next to the tree where his ashes were placed. It’s hard going back, the memories of his funeral keep popping back but I know he’s happy now, he’s with my grandmother smiling and together again after 10 years apart.

I loved my grandfather more than anyone alive and will continue to do so. Even though the days have flown by and even though he is no longer here, life has to go on but in my heart he’ll always stay.


  1. May his soul rest in peace!

    He was a very nice grand father from everything you told me and you were special to him! U were also their for him! 🙂

  2. @last year’s girl – thanks alot, yeah it’s hard but glad I’m not alone!

    @Elegant Chic – *hugs*

    @Marzouq – he was the best 😀

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