Way back in June, my parents & I decided to go check out the Doctor Who Exhibition which is currently taking place at the Kelvingrove Museum here in Glasgow. Genuine props, costumes and monster characters from the long running television series are featured as well as over 100 exhibits, including the mysterious Autons, Ood, Costumes from the most recent Christmas specials and the frightening Stone Angel.

When we went there, we were slightly disappointed because we pretty much expected that the exhibition would be in a huge hall. However, the exhibition is in several small rooms with no staff around, it’s more like a mini museum. Saying that, I still had a great time, loved the scary looking monsters and dalek’s 😀

Tickets are £7.50 for adults and the exhibition will run until Monday 4th January 2010


  1. Great photos! When my friend and I went, I didn’t realise we could bring good cameras. Like you I was a bit disappointed with the size of the place given how much the tickets were!

  2. hiiiiiiiiii long itme no see…… i know i didnt call much but can you email me ur bb pin so we can chat & talk more………. ^_^ mine is 2102871E
    i have 4 girls now :angel:

    hope to talk to you soon :hug:

  3. @Elegant Chic – haha yeah they are kinda scary!

    @last year’s girl – I know totally! I’m glad I took my camera with me, but we were at the Transport Museum before hand… still have to blog that!

    @Marzouq – I think it’s in London too, maybe.. not sure!

    @suspic – Someone else told me that hahahaha

    @Noor – thanks noor glad you like it 😀

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