A few weeks ago I got my eyes tested when I went to buy new glasses and they suggested I get this new feature of where they take photographs inside your eyes. For £10, you get your eyeballs tested, checking the optical nerves and other eye bits for any health problems such as diabetes and cancer.

They then ask for your email address as they forward the images to you so you can keep them for your own records and to compare against any future pictures you get taken (every 2 years an eye test is recommended in the UK).

So here are my eye balls, all nice & healthy 😀




  1. ah that’s a pretty awesome idea! 😀 really should get my eyes tested sometime. xD

  2. Oooh, I wasn’t expecting to see that – I’m a bit squeamish about my eyes, despite the fact I wear contacts and I try not to think about eyeballs too much. Eek…

  3. @Kai: yeah you should! they do this for over 25’s 😀

    @Paula: sorry heehhe I wear contacts too but needed a new pair of glasses for my off days, took forever to get all the tests done! Eyeballs are rather scary!

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