On Wednesday, I went to the Flo Rida concert with my brother’s girlfriend. I was a little unsure about who would be supporting him in concert, but hours beforehand thanks to the Twitter god’s, I came across Kobi Onyame who is a Ghanaian Born UK Based rapper and found out he was supporting Flo Rida that night. I googled him and listened to a few tracks he recorded (he’s unsigned at the moment!) and like what I heard.

Anyway, we got to the view around an hour beforehand because we didn’t want to wait in queue’s, sadly when we got there the queue was huge and filled with teenie bopper white girls in neon tutu’s and crap…. I felt like the oldest person there and very under-dressed LOL but thankfully the queue grew & grew with people my age so I didn’t feel so bad in the end… except…. when it started to rain cows & sheep & horses & elephants and I had no umbrella *cries* but a nice little black guy went to buy one for his girlfriend, who then ended up standing under a bus shelter, so he stood in the queue with me putting the umbrella over my head which was nice of him. My brother’s girlfriend then went to buy one along with some drinks & snacks, and as our luck had it, the rain then stopped LOL

So, concert time… opening the nights evenings event was a DJ (can’t remember his name) he played some greats songs (as well as a Michael Jackson tribute *yawn*) to get the crowd pumped before Kobi Onyame took the stage to perform a few tracks, in particular “He Said She Said” which is his latest single, the crowd love him & I’m sure he’ll go places! He’s a really nice guy, I met him after the concert had finished, took some photos with him & he signed his flyer for me (I’m trying to organise an interview with him for my blog to talk more about the life of an up & coming artist)

When Kobi Onyame was done, there was a huge delay from when Flo Rida took to the stage, they could of at least brought the DJ back on stage, instead they played music which wasn’t that loud & everyone just stood there waiting until Flo Rida came on to perform. The crowd went crazy, people were pushing & shoving each other making it very uncomfortable for those at the front. We were at the front center, the best position in the house, so naturally everyone wanted to be where we were. I’m surprised cat fights never took place, one girl fainted in the crowd because it was so hot which then forced the Security to hand out cups of water to everyone at the front to help cool us down.

My brother’s girlfriend was not as lucky, three drunken idiots were jumping & pushing us all over, so much so that she got thrown to the ground in a near stampede all to try at catch a signed sweaty towel from Flo Rida. She was okay other than hurting her back a little, more shocked than anything else and I was so pissed at a group of girls behind us for not trying to help me pull her back up onto her feet. They just stood there staring, bitches! We then moved from our position because the pushing was getting too much for us to handle and we bought some drinks & sat in the seating areas at the side, still in stage view so we didn’t miss anything.

Overall, the concert was really good! I discovered a new artist, saw Flo Rida’s tatoo’s close up, danced my socks off, sweated like a pig, got blisters on my feet & ended the night with a chicken burger 😀

Lot’s of Video’s & More Photos after the jump….


  1. You’re such a lucky hoe! I wanna go to one!!!!! I am planning on hitting a concert in New York or Omaha at least hehehe I wanted to catch the Brit Spears one but I won’t be in NY at the time

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