We have now finished 6 Prizes in 6 Days for 6 Years and have announced the winners:

Now for an even better reason why you should have taken part in the daily competitions is because to end the 6 Days of celebration, we are going out with a big bang, think HUGE :party:

Everyone who entered the daily competitions will be eligible to win one of three Grand Prizes which are:

First Place: A £60 Amazon.co.uk or $60 Amazon US Voucher
Second Place: A £15 iTunes Gift Card or $15 iTunes Gift Card
Third Place: A Customized Blog Design by me & 1 years Free Web Hosting

Those who have not entered previously will not be eligible to win any of these additional prizes which will be given away on Friday July 17th at 12 Midnight 😀

The more you entered the competitions, the more chances you had to win, that’s why I kept reminding you to join on a daily basis & over populating my twitter account! For example, if you’ve taken part since Day #1 until Day #6, you will be given 6 entry numbers into the competition, if you’ve taken part since Day #3 until Day #6, you will be given 3 entry numbers into the competition etc etc etc

If you are a daily competition winner, you will not be eligible to enter for the Grand Prizes to be fair to all the other participants who didn’t have the chance to win.

Those lucky entrants who are eligible to win are: (in order of first comment then additional entries shown next)

Entry 1: Kai Kai
Entries 2-6: Jacqui
Entry 7: Tata Botata
Entry 8: Fajer
Entries 9-12: Daddy’s Girl
Entries 13-14: Fereej
Entry 15: Ansam
Entry 16: KTDP
Entries 17-19: Dreamy
Entry 20: Desert Palms
Entry 21: Yasser AL-Harbi
Entry 22: Wissam
Entry 23: LenoOsh
Entries 24-26: Atoona
Entries 27-28: Sunshine
Entry 29: Natasha
Entry 30: Soul
Entry 31: Suspic
Entries 32-33: Bo Zaid
Entry 34: Yasser AL-Harbi
Entry 35: Jared Earle
Entry 36: Zii
Entry 37: Andrew Thomson
Entry 38: Gavin Lloyd Payne
Entry 39: David Johnson
Entries 40-42: Steve
Entry 43: Andrew Roberts
Entry 44: Cheryl Pasquier

Three Winners will be chosen at random again using Random.ORG tomorrow at 12 midnight and will be notified here on this post along with being emailed & tweeted (if applicable).

Thank You again to everyone who took part *hugs* here’s to another 6 years :love:

Update: The winners have been chosen & I’m proud to announce that they are as follows

1st Place: Sunshine (Entry 28)
2nd Place: Steve (Entry 40)
3rd Place: Atoona (Entry 26)

Random.ORG Screenshots of winning numbers:

[nggallery id=2]

Thank you again to everyone who participated ;*


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