In order to win 1 year’s Flickr Pro account worth $24.95, simply answer the following question:

What was the name of my first ever puppy, what age was I & what is doggy dog aka chewy’s real name?

As explained in the previous post, these are the steps you need to take in order to enter:

1. Find the answer in my blog using pages, archives & the search bar

2. Post your answer in the comment area & your comment number is your entry number


3. Tweet your answer on Twitter to the question along with the hashtag #ananyah666 at the end of your entry

4. The winner will be chosen via Random.ORG & will be notified both by email as well as on this entry after closing

All entries must be in at 12 midnight GMT, otherwise they will not count, so make sure you check your timezones!

Good Luck, you have 12 hours :party:

Update: After receiving all entries, we only had 6 correct ones and the winning entrant was:

Mike (Comment Number 3, Entrant 2) @Thepathtoamen

Congratulations! Expect an email from me regarding your prize 😀

For the rest of you, see you again in 12 hours with your next competition question 😎


  1. first puppy was: a Yorkshire Terrier, called Misty
    you were: 4 years old!
    chewy’s real name is: Bobby

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  3. Hi,

    I found it!

    You were 4,

    It was a Yorkshire Terrier puppy called Misty,

    Chewy is called Bobby.

    Good luck to me!!!


    Mike (thepathttoamen)

  4. 1- you were four years old
    2- Yorkshire Terrier and his name or nickname is Misty
    3- Bobby is Cheewy’s real name


  5. oooh im liking this competetion… but im holding out for the next question in 3 hours cause i don’t really want a flickr account and i just know with my luck that i would win it of all people 😉

    By the way… wouldnt it be more fair for the answers to be hidden?! by reading peoples answers i found the answer -if they are correct- … all the new participants have to do is cross check the answers o voila 😀

    till tommorow insah2 allah 😀

  6. @Daddy’s Girl: thanks for your comments! the next competition will be at 12 mid-day GMT with another great prize up for grabs 😀 Regarding the questions + answers, you are right… I’ve now added a plugin which will not show anyones competition entry making everyone work hard for the prize lol hope to see you on the next competition 😀

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