We’ve been having pretty good weather in the Scotland on & off for the past month with temperatures reaching around 28 degrees celcius 😀 A few weeks ago we had a BBQ, something which we haven’t done in a very very long time (we’ve since bought a BBQ & used it several times!). There is something about a BBQ which makes food taste so much better, so here I am teasing you with some food p0rn *drool*


  1. OMG this soooooooooooooooooo mouth watering >_<

    it's not teasing,, it's turtoring,,, how could you do this to your friends..

    yet Bon Apetite ,,, it looks like so much fun

  2. looks sooooooooooo yummy! i miss bbq’s

    Our weather is so hot and dusty!!! it sucks!

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