Doggy Dog turned 3 years young today, how time flies! We got him 3 years ago to keep my grandpa company, he was tiny, didn’t bark & pooped alot! He was black & tanned & I could hold him in my hand lol

Now, 3 years later… he barks, is not as tiny, is a nutcase, still poops & has been diagnosed with a liver problem and is on special food & pills which controls it.

He got a new toy today along with a big ol bag of doggy treats which he loves & he also got a little tub of doggy food to try out since he’s normally on boring ol doggy dry biscuits because of his liver problem. The vet suggested cottage cheese, so the other day we gave him some & he loved it! Today, he licked his doggy bowl clean of the doggy food & has some for a snack tonight!

Spoilt little dog is an understatement, but he’s just too cute!


  1. Miss-Informed Reply

    The dog’s ear in the last picture is extremely cute. I got the urge to bite it lol

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