I was asked by the great people over at Fuel My Blog to review EMI’s brand new website. So I decided to step it up a notch & because I’m reviewing a website, capture my movements on video along with an audio narrative. It took so many takes to get it the way I wanted because trying to think of things to say adlib is kinda hard!

To recap, overall I love the website, the simplicity of it but would like the carousel in the main page to include more artists rather than the default. Changing the media player so it doesn’t refresh when you move from tab to tab and possibly an option to click music genre’s to show artists under each genre rather than a huge A-Z list, that would be a good feature to implement so you can explore artists under the genre’s you love, such as R&B in my case.

P.S: Sorry for having to listen to my voice for 18 minutes, press mute if you want LMAO


  1. <3 I really have enjoyed it specially with this tender voice :angel:
    great site and perfect review,,

    again please don't hate your voice it's so relaxing and your smooth gentle accent made it like 3 seconds :hehe:

  2. great review, but sadly the website does not work here in UAE, probably because of the copyright and regional restriction stuff . /sigh

    same as Itune, can’t use it for downloading music or movies here, only games

  3. People never like listening to their own voices ….. no, that’s wrong ….. people never like listening to their own recorded voices …. that’s better.

    Lovely voice and a great idea on how to do reviews – even I paid attention …. a rare occurrence …….

  4. Nice voice. I just wonder how you recorded it. I sometimes have to make explanations like you and I don’t know what I can use to record in a good way.

  5. Hey, I like the way you’ve done your review 🙂

    I’ve just been checking the EMI site myself and found a pop out button on the media player which means you can surf without the player refreshing. This is actually pretty cool – better than Last FM because it doesn’t stop after every song! (although I still prefer Spotify)

  6. @Sunshine – haha it takes some getting used to especially when I talk in a different accent with my family LOL

    @bugyboo – thanks alot 😀

    @BinGhanem – yeah of course, never thought of that! Guess they gotta protect their stuff! Weird about iTunes, my friends in Kuwait can use iTunes & purchase stuff!

    @Daddy Papersurfer – glad you liked it! it’s true, I can’t stand listening to my own voice haha

    @Pablo – I used a program called Camtasia Studio, it’s really easy to do!

    @Baz – I love Last FM too as well as Blip FM which I link up to my twitter account. I saw the pop-out button half way through (I said that in the video) but would still rather the pages didn’t all refresh like they do. Haven’t tried Spotify, yet heard good things about it. Might give it a try!

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