A brand new track from Mariah Carey which is rumored to be a diss to Eminem, it’s really catchy & I’ve played it around 5 times now and loving it more and more! However, she’s using Autotune is bit much… she doesn’t need it! My favourite part of the lyrics is below along with theoption to listen & then the link to download… turn it up loud 😎

Ooh boy why you so obsessed with me?
Boy I want to know- lyin’ that you’re sexin me
when everybody knows it’s clear that you’re upset with me
Ohh finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress
Last man on the earth- still couldn’t get this

You’re delusional, you’re delusional
Boy you’re losing your mind
It’s confusin yo, you’re confused you know
Why you wasting your time?
Got you all fired up with your Napoleon complex
See right through you like you’re bathin’ in windex

Ooh Ohh Ohh boy why you so obsessed with me?


  1. Used to love Mariah, but the last few albums have not been that great. She should drop the R n B and go back to the big ballad and fun songs like Honey and Fantasy that made her famous!

  2. o_O

    She shouldn’t have used the vocoder. It’s ruining her voice. She has a nice voice. why in the world is she editing it?

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