On Friday I got a call from a recruitment agent telling me that they found a short term placement for me with a charity organization, short term being 3 days with the possibility of it lasting a week and a bit.
Ofcourse this is not ideal & I’m still looking for full time jobs in the IT sector but even though I’ve been applying, I’ve had no response 🙁
I started today at 9:30am until 5pm helping to computerize records they have from the beginning of the year, pretty interesting to see behind the scenes of a charity & how limited they are staff & resource wise while trying to survive on funding from the local council & government!
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  1. Miss-Informed Reply

    I admire the way you keep yourself busy while you’re finding a job. It’s inspirational. Best of luck :o)

  2. Goodluck! i’m sure u are doing better than me in the job hunting thing! i’m sick of being jobless!

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