I got back an hour ago from the doctors where they sliced my arm open to remove the hormonal implant I had put in 2 years ago. I’ve been having some problems with it for the past year such as migranes, lack of periods & face broken out in red blotches which has never ever ever happened before! So now it will probably take a while for my body to get used to the lack of hormones, I hope it doesn’t mess me up too bad LOL!
When I got to the doctors, they messed my appointment up & it was showing in a different district but they told me they’d still take me as long as I waited a bit.
She gave me a local anesthetic injection to numb the area, poked it with a needle for a while to see if I could feel it, then started cutting my arm with a scalpel before trying to fish the implant out. That proved to be tricky because tissue matter was wrapped around it now, so she ended up having to get tweezer ended scissors and grab hold at the edge of the implant before feeding it out.
My eyes were closed throughout the whole thing cause I’m a frikin chicken & mom was holding my hand hehe so thanks for that 😛
I now have to keep the area bandaged up for 3 days, putting a plastic bag over my arm when I take showers so the open wound doesn’t get infected. Hopefully by Sunday afternoon the stiches will have set & then I can see what my killer bruise will look like (I’ll post another picture lol)
I’m away to feel sorry for myself now, sympathy people, sympathy!
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  1. ouch i feel sorry for you too. i was wondering, instead of burying the implant to your arm, why dont you just request for hormone pills? 🙂

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