So last week a recruitment agent called me regarding a job I might be interested in which would last 5 months until I find a better job in the field I want to get into, naturally I told her to put me forward for it since it’s something to do & gives me pumps up my bank balance which I desperately need!
She didn’t tell me too much about the job, only that it was working in one of the major UK banks in the Insurance division which would be interesting. I had to go yesterday and fill in forms for nearly 1.5 hours, hand over my passport and other documents as they needed to carry out a credit check on me to see if I have a bad credit rating or not to be able to work in the bank.
Fast forward to today & the recruitment agent called saying they needed proof of my address 3 years back when I was at University in Aberdeen, which I couldn’t prove as I had no bills in my name or kept a rental contract all this time. So that meant they couldn’t do a proper search on me & couldn’t continue with my application for the job which would have started next week. Do they expect you to keep bills for over 3 years? Seriously it’s complete bullpoop!
It’s a bummer because I’m applying for jobs & getting nowhere! But the way I’m seeing it, maybe it was a good thing because the recruitment agent LIED to me about the salary I’d be getting, what the job entailed and the length of the contract…. much less than what she told me on the phone!
So I’m back job hunting hoping something will come along, soon!
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  1. Finding a good job you can live with is difficult. Best bet is to wait it out. Eventually the perfect gig will come along.

  2. I hope it works out! Its annoying to be facing all these problems but hopefully it will work out soon!

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