Work has started in my grandfather’s house. My parents are now the offical owners of his house & we’re renovating the entire house as it hasn’t really been touched in 20 years.
Currently, there is no bathroom in the house, we got the suite taken out & a new one is going in, along with being re-tiled over the weekend. We’ll have a toilet, tonight though lol I’ll post pictures once it’s complete! Till next time, bisoux :*

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  1. I see someone abusing the Blackberry they have now :s

    And well let’s hope you don’t need the bathroom until they put it in hehe 😛

    *sending evil thoughts wishing you’d need the bathroom and u’d get stuck*muwahahahahahaha

  2. @B – the noise hasn’t been so bad lol

    @Jenn – thanks alot, we’re getting an extension built onto the house in the next few months with more bathrooms and bedrooms lol

    @Marzouq – nah we just use the neighbours bathroom lol the customized thing was already done… I use posterous to post from the blackberry to my blog 😛 Still need to edit the email thingy like you did hahaha – hopefully will be done by tomorrow night, then I can take a bubble bath 😀

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