Zup Ladies! I was chillaxing in the garden, getting my sun tan on, it’s hella hot here especially since I’m furry all over. Michelle keeps telling me that I’m getting my hair chopped off, can’t wait! I feel like a frikin sheep right now!

The evil humans had a BBQ 3 times in the past week and all I got was a hot dog, a little chopped up steak and a roll! Can’t a growing boy get some food?! And don’t get me started on those disgusting doggy biscuits they force me to eat! I’d rather eat my own toenails!

I can’t even get peace & quiet in MY garden because that evul doggy Fudge comes over and bounces around. He’s too big, annoying, and he should know that this is MY house, not his! But does he listen? No! He likes hearing his own barks so much! But I’m getting my own back on him mwahahah he has a barking collar on him now to help stop him barking so much, so everytime he comes near me, I bark at him, and he gets tazered mwahahhahahaha :grr:

I’m off to snooze now, I heard the evul humans saying I’m going to the V.E.T later this afternoon. They think I can’t spell but I went to doggy skool y’know!

Toodles, Doggy Dog

P.S. If any fine little female doggies wanna hit me up, just leave me a comment & I’ll read it when the evul humans are sleeping! I’m down with technology!


  1. Haha. No steak for the doggy? I totally admit to giving my dog scraps every now and then. 😉

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  3. Zup boy!

    You look like a rockstar with all that sheepy fur and goggles on ya

    I bet the evul humans are having a hard time keeping their fences intact!
    Damn! the little girls are drooling over ya!

    You have a great time boy!

    Signing off,

    ~ Soul

  4. @eleventh.st – yeah he’s a cutie!

    @Jacqui – a job maybe?

    @Faith – haha my mom cracked up too 😛

    @Marzouq – no way 😛

    @Jenn – he had doggy hot dogs, chopped chicken, some steak etc… spoilt rotten!

    @Valerie – Sure I’d love to discuss it

    @B – I am myself!

    @Soul – Yo Girlie, I’m alright… chilling, sleeping, eating & pooping the days away until I get a little girlfriend… how you dooooin 😉

  5. Heard that there’s a girlfriend patrol deployed by evul humans.

    Receiving transmission…

    Spock: Hunting a species to extinction is not…logical!

    “Don’t tell me. You’re from outer space!”
    “No, I’m from Kuwait. I only work in outer space”

    Capt. Kirk: Let’s bone!
    Lt. Uhura: Mmmm. OK.

    Spock: “…Live long and prosper.”

    Soul: Beam me up Scotty!

    ~ Soul

    P.S: I got an XY chromosome in me, Capt. Kirk.

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    Blind we are, if creation of this clone army we could not see.
    — Yoda

    ~ Soul

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