June 2009


Growing up in Singapore, one of my favourite dishes was Kai-Lan in Oyster Sauce… if I could eat it 24/7 with rice I would have 😀 Kai-Lan is otherwise known in English as Chinese Brocolli and you cannot find it ANYWHERE here *cries* I’ve tried, even in the Chinatown but they have a substitute Pak-Choi which is pretty much similar and known in English as Chinese Cabbage so it satisfies my cravings! It’s great as a vegetable addition to any Chinese dish you cook & tastes amazing 😀 So here is my quick easy recipe that only takes 15 minutes to make & tastes yummy!

2 Cups of Basmati Rice
2 Small Onions chopped
2 Peppers sliced into strips
2 Small Pak Choi
1 tbsp Chilli Sauce
As many uncooked Peeled Shrimps as you want
2 tbsp Vegetable Oil
1 Sachet Blue Dragon Stir Fry Oyster & Spring Onion Sauce (use another if you like more sauce)

Boil 2 cups of water into a sauce pan with the cup of rice with a pinch of salt for seasoning, the trick to perfect rice is for every cup of rice add 2 cups of water. Turn up to the highest temperature on the hob until boiling then turn right down puting the lid on the pan and let it simmer away for around 10 minutes. Never ever stir the rice as this leads to it becoming wet & soggy, you want dry fluffy rice, don’t you?!

Meanwhile, bring another pan of water to the boil, throw in the uncooked shrimps and boil them up for a few minutes until they become pink, this shows that they are cooked. Once cooked, leave to the side.

Next, add the Vegetable Oil to a frying pan to fry the onions & peppers with 1 tbsp of Chilli Sauce to give them a little kick until brown. Add in the sachet of sauce mix and let it simmer away gently until it’s nearly time for the rice to be ready. You’ll know when the rice is ready when the water goes away and holes start appearing between the rice grains. At this point, you can taste the rice to see if it’s alright & push a spoon to the bottom of the pan to make sure it hasn’t burnt (the joys of trying to make the perfect rice!)

Boil water again into the pan you used to cook the shrimps (saves on washing more dishes!) and de-segment the Pak-Choi blanching these for a few minutes. Blanching basically means to boil the vegetable quickly and then run under cold water for a few seconds to stop the cooking process (check me, eh!).

Lastly, add in the Shrimps into the Onion & Pepper mixture making sure that they get covered in the Oyster Sauce mix stirring for a minute or two to heat up the shrimps again. In the pan you used to blanche the Pak-Choi, add a little of the Oyster Sauce from the frying pan & mix together.

Add some rice to your plate, top with the Shrimps & Pak-Choi… et voilà, dig in*drool*

Note: If you can’t get Blue Dragon Stir Fry Oyster & Spring Onion Sauce or would rather make your own sauce mixture then all you need to do is purchase a bottle of Oyster Sauce (comes in handy!) and for this recipe use around 4 tbsps of Oyster Sauce along with 2 tsps of soy sauce, 1 tsp of corn flour and 3 tbsps of Chicken or Beef Stock, mix altogether and just carry on with the steps from above. It does taste so much better making your own sauce because you can add things & take away things but I ran out of my trusty bottle of Oyster Sauce so had to use the sachet instead.

I’ve started learning to drive again, I mean I’m now 27 so it’s about time especially since alot of jobs I’m applying for especially in IT need you to be able to drive!

Last time I was behind a wheel was in 2007 so I was pretty nervous when I had my 2 hour lesson today with a new driving school but I was suprised by how much I remembered especially when it came to gear changes on the manual (stick shift) car!

I’ve got another 2 hours booked next weekend and we’re starting to move onto things I never learnt before so it should be pretty interesting, but at least I’ve got the basics under control… I can drive in a straight line, turn left, turn right and go around a round-a-bout… what else do I need?! 😛

Stay off the roads when I’m around hahahaha :what:

Dad is flying in from Paris again tonight for a long weekend, then both mom & him are flying back to Paris together for a week.
I’m currently sitting in a salon, mom is getting her hair done, I’m playing away in the waiting area on my blackberry sipping diet pepsi bored outta my mind. Then later, we’re going shopping to find me some lazy stay at home trousers since the ones I normally wear are too big for me now, yay to weight loss!
Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you do *bisoux*
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We’ve just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.

Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

A source tells us Jackson was dead when paramedics arrived.

Once at the hospital, the staff tried to resuscitate him but he was completely unresponsive.

We’re told one of the staff members at Jackson’s home called 911.

LaToya ran in the hospital sobbing after Jackson was pronounced dead.

Michael is survived by three children: Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II.

Source: TMZ

We’ve been having pretty good weather in the Scotland on & off for the past month with temperatures reaching around 28 degrees celcius 😀 A few weeks ago we had a BBQ, something which we haven’t done in a very very long time (we’ve since bought a BBQ & used it several times!). There is something about a BBQ which makes food taste so much better, so here I am teasing you with some food p0rn *drool*

Doggy Dog turned 3 years young today, how time flies! We got him 3 years ago to keep my grandpa company, he was tiny, didn’t bark & pooped alot! He was black & tanned & I could hold him in my hand lol

Now, 3 years later… he barks, is not as tiny, is a nutcase, still poops & has been diagnosed with a liver problem and is on special food & pills which controls it.

He got a new toy today along with a big ol bag of doggy treats which he loves & he also got a little tub of doggy food to try out since he’s normally on boring ol doggy dry biscuits because of his liver problem. The vet suggested cottage cheese, so the other day we gave him some & he loved it! Today, he licked his doggy bowl clean of the doggy food & has some for a snack tonight!

Spoilt little dog is an understatement, but he’s just too cute!

I was asked by the great people over at Fuel My Blog to review EMI’s brand new website. So I decided to step it up a notch & because I’m reviewing a website, capture my movements on video along with an audio narrative. It took so many takes to get it the way I wanted because trying to think of things to say adlib is kinda hard!

To recap, overall I love the website, the simplicity of it but would like the carousel in the main page to include more artists rather than the default. Changing the media player so it doesn’t refresh when you move from tab to tab and possibly an option to click music genre’s to show artists under each genre rather than a huge A-Z list, that would be a good feature to implement so you can explore artists under the genre’s you love, such as R&B in my case.

P.S: Sorry for having to listen to my voice for 18 minutes, press mute if you want LMAO

Today is my Grandfather’s birthday. He died exactly 10 months ago today & later on we’re going to the cemetary area. I can’t believe how time has passed, it’s nearly been a year and not a day goes by when I don’t think about him. The video below was taken on his 82nd birthday when he was stuffed full of cake & happy at home before being taken into hospital.

I miss him 🙁

Doggy dog got a hair cut today, he looks like a rat LOL poor little pumpkin but at least he’ll be cooler & I won’t have to fish dried out poop from his butt (long story) :love:
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A brand new track from Mariah Carey which is rumored to be a diss to Eminem, it’s really catchy & I’ve played it around 5 times now and loving it more and more! However, she’s using Autotune is bit much… she doesn’t need it! My favourite part of the lyrics is below along with theoption to listen & then the link to download… turn it up loud 😎

Ooh boy why you so obsessed with me?
Boy I want to know- lyin’ that you’re sexin me
when everybody knows it’s clear that you’re upset with me
Ohh finally found a girl that you couldn’t impress
Last man on the earth- still couldn’t get this

You’re delusional, you’re delusional
Boy you’re losing your mind
It’s confusin yo, you’re confused you know
Why you wasting your time?
Got you all fired up with your Napoleon complex
See right through you like you’re bathin’ in windex

Ooh Ohh Ohh boy why you so obsessed with me?

On Friday I got a call from a recruitment agent telling me that they found a short term placement for me with a charity organization, short term being 3 days with the possibility of it lasting a week and a bit.
Ofcourse this is not ideal & I’m still looking for full time jobs in the IT sector but even though I’ve been applying, I’ve had no response 🙁
I started today at 9:30am until 5pm helping to computerize records they have from the beginning of the year, pretty interesting to see behind the scenes of a charity & how limited they are staff & resource wise while trying to survive on funding from the local council & government!
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