I didn’t get the job! I got called up yesterday by the recruitment lady telling me the news but said I was a front runner for the job, my only downfall was that the other candidate had more shipping experience than me, but I had a good interview and that my personality would have gelled well with the rest of the team.

Once again it all came down to experience, but how can I get experience if no one gives me a job?!

Guess I gotta keep looking *sigh*


  1. i live my life based on this: “no expectations, no disappointments”

    baby, maybe it’s 5era u didn’t get it 🙂 maybe u gonna get a much bigger n better one :*

  2. Aww..im sorry! That is really annoying!

    I hope you find something soon!

  3. Its alright, 5airha eb ghairha enshala! Lovin the dissapointment equation by the way haha! So true!

  4. oooh poor dear 😯

    I know how it feels at this stage, I’ve been there when I graduated from college,, I ended up volunteering at one of the schools just to proof that I am capabile like any other,,

    I got hired 2 months later 😛

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