So I’ve been doggy sitting all weekend since my parents are up in the Highlands of Scotland on a mini vacation, just me & the dog, getting our geek on, especially me complete with glasses, no makeup on & lounging around in my PJ’s. It’s been fun having the house to ourselves with all those wild parties that doggy dog has been having with his harem of girlie dogs over for afternoon delights (of doggy bones!)… yes I’m actually joking, he doesn’t have any girl friends but I am working on that, anyone need some doggy pimping?! His Doggy Personal ad would read:

Cute male yorkie, 3 years old, WLTM a cute yorkie bitch for afternoons of rolling around in the grass, sharing doggy biscuits à la Lady & the Tramp style with the occasional bubble bath complete my rubber duckies if you’re the lucky bitch 😉

How could anyone refuse his cute little face?!


Back to the real world! Me & Doggy Dog have been chilling, watching movies, sharing popcorn & yoghurt, snuggling up in bed next to eachother, if he was human he’d be the perfect boyfriend hahahaha

*waves to her mom, no doubt she’s reading this!*

I think I’ll go now!



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