I’m currently on a diet & slowly losing weight which is good, but the bad thing is, I’m craving all the food I shouldn’t lol. Mom & I are trying new recipes that are low fat since we cut out fried food & junk (I miss Pizza Hut the most!). Anyhooo the other day Mom bought some little frying steaks which I thought would be great in a Steak Sandwich (craving’s are a bitch!) & tonight I cooked that for dinner, the good thing is, it’s healthy… even down to the fries which we had along with it (I cheated on them, didn’t make them, they are Weight Watcher’s oven fries)! So here is the recipe with food porn photographs 😛

Ingredients for 2 people:

2 Panini or Ciabatta rolls
2 Tomatoes sliced
A Handful of Salad Leaves (I’m currently digging Tenderleaf Mix)
1 Large Onion chopped
4 Frying Steaks (Or minute steaks, hell you could even use a normal steak & slice it up!)
Ground Black Pepper
Chilli Hot Sauce (I use Timor from Quinta d’Avó from Portugal which my brother got me, it’s amazing!)
1 Teaspoon of Chopped Garlic
Some Mayo, Ketchup or Mustard for Dressing (or all if you want!)
Fry Light Sunflower Oil Spray (if you want to be healthy, or just use a little Sunflower/Vegetable Oil)


In a frying pan, squirt some cooking spray (or use oil, whatever you like) and fry the chopped onions with the garlic until brown then add a teaspoon or two or three (if you like it spicy) of chilli sauce to give them a little kick. Leave to the side.

Next, you need to cook the steaks. I used the George Foreman Grill to cook them since it’s healthier (but you could fry them in a pan if you don’t have one). Before cooking, I rubbed them with ground pepper & a few teaspoons of the chilli sauce mix. The good thing about these steaks is that they cook in a few minutes, the ones we had cooked in less than 4 minutes, so this recipe is pretty fast 🙂

While they are cooking, get the panini rolls ready and add the tomatoes & lettuce to them along with your dressing(s) of choice. Once the steaks are ready, pop them into the rolls and top with the onions. Slice the rolls in half, stick in your mouth & enjoy 😀


  1. Food Porn lol

    Looks Delicious! i should change the time i check your blog, Cuz everytime i do there’s a food related post and it’s late at night and i get hungry! lol

  2. I haven’t eat yet and I am watching this!!!

    No I am double hungry. LOL

  3. @B: yeah lol it’s yummy! it’s not my fault you check at the wrong time! go eat 😛

    @Pablo: sorrrry! you should grab some food!

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  5. That looks really yummy! And I George Foreman pretty much every meat I eat, it’s amazing how much fat drips out of everything when cooked in that machine.

  6. A take it you used the sauce that me and lisa got you when we were on holiday in Portugal. Thought you said it was too hot for ye 😛

  7. @Hannah: George Foreman is great! You’re right about the amount of fat & stuff that comes outta meat!

    @Ansam: Merci Chef Ansam 😀

    @Andy: Yeah it’s that sauce, I didn’t say it was too hot for me, I said it’s hot which I like 😀

  8. Food porn? LOL ahaha.. Seriously you really good at this Michelle. Ouch, suddenly I feel hungry! 😛

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